M.A. Applied Economics Course Outcome, Program Outcome

Mission of the Program:

  • To give platform to the students through which they must be get placement in the globalized era.
  • To provide current and advanced knowledge about the science of economics.
  • To make the curriculum of this program that must be based on employability, skill development and entrepreneurship.


Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

M.A. Applied Economics Program adopted choice based credit system (CBCS) pattern. The program comprises four semesters in two years. This program determined some certain objectives which are:

PE01: Providing in-depth knowledge about the science of economics.

PE02: to give exposure to the students not only the principals and theories of economics but also an application of economics in real economy.

PE03: to make capable to accept new emerging disciplines in economics where it creates employability.

PE04: considering the regional problems of the student, to give proper guidance of market oriented jobs for getting an opportunity in globalized world to student of economics.

PE05: To teach how to identify the regional economic problems in the society and encourage giving solution for it also.

PE06: to develop technical courses in the program through which contents of economic course are studied by using field work and project work.

Program Outcome: (PO)

At the end of this program of Applied Economics, student will have acquired following things:

PO1: Students will be able to solve economic issue with the help of statistical and mathematical techniques in a simple way.

PO2: students will have capabilities to tackle economic problems with the help of knowledge of economic science which acquired during the program.

PO3: besides the subject specific knowledge, student will have obtained some values like Gender sensitization, sustainability of natural resources, and demographic issues etc.,

PO4: Students will be able to easily handle software regarding Statistics, Mathematics and Econometrics or any other which is related to economics.

PO5: Student will qualify the different exams like, UPSC, MPSC, Indian Economic Services, Indian Statistical Services, NET, SLET and Fellowships also after completion of the program. 

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • Student will be able to get in-depth knowledge of fundamental economic theories.
  • Student will be able to apply theories of economics to the real economic phenomena with statistical support
  • Student will be able to evaluate the current economic policies and schemes.


Course Objectives:

  • To get proper insight to student about the methodology of economics that is widely used in their dissertation and further research.
  • To equip them with modern ICT tools of analysis
  • To sensitize the student with model building and its application with econometrics.


Course Outcome:

  • Student will be able to understand an advanced knowledge of economic science in the curricula.
  • Students will be able to develop models in economics using the technique of fieldwork and theoretical assignment.
  • Student will be able to establish a causal relationship in economic variables.                                                                        

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