Guests and Visiting Faculties

The following distinguished Resource Persons are invited to deliver lectures on the occasion of National Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures Series in the school last five years

  • B.K.Nagala, Department of Sociology, Maharashi Dayanad University Rohatak, Harayana, visited our school as adviser member of the SAP and delivered lecture on Subaltern Approach on understanding Agrarian Crisis
  • Saguna Pathy, Department of Sociology, South Gujarat University, Surat,Gujarat, delivered lecture on i) Women in Agriculture,ii) Agricultural Development and Marginalisation : A Marxian Perspectives
  • Sarjerao Salunake, Department of Sociology , Kolhapur University delivered lectures on i) Lift Irrigation and Social Development of Farmers ,ii) Sustainable Development and Agriculture
  • Khandiwale, Retired Professor , R.T.M Nagpur University, Nagpur delivered keynote address in the National Seminar on Dynamics of Agrarian Relations and Marginalization of Farmers
  • R.B. Patil,Department of Sociology, Kolhapur University deliverd lecure on ole of Swavimani Shetakari Sangathan on Farmers Rights
  • E. N. Ashok Kumar, Director of the School of Social Sciences, Solapur University, Solapur , and Sahaji Narwade , Faculty Member of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur delivered lecture on Depasanitasion in Marathawada Region of Maharashtra State.
  • Balaji Kendre, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Bombay, delivered lecture on Regional Disparity of Agriculture in Maharashtra
  • Jagan Karade, Department of Sociology, Kolhapur University delivered lecture on Dalit and Non-Dalit Relationship in Marathawada
  • Pushpesh Kumar, Department of Sociology , Central University of Hyderabad delivered lecture on Tribal Women in Agriculture: A Feministic Perspective
  • P.M Vivek Kumar,Department of Sociology, Mumbai University deliverd lecture on Academic Writing in Social Science
  • Prof Gaikwad S.L Department of Sociology, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University,Aurangabad deliveed lecture on Qualitative Research in Current Social Issues .
  • Lal Das , Retd.Professor Hyderaba delivered lecture Research Methodology in Social Work
  • Suneetha Awesthi from Hyderabad visited our School delivered inaugural lecture on the Feminist Research Methodology and women issues in
  • Desarda guest faculty, Gokhale Institute of Pune delivered lecture on the Sustainable development and Agricultre.
  • Shiv Prasad, Department of Anthropology, Central University, Hyderabad, delivered lecture on Tribal Rights and Agriculture.
  • Shankar Anna Dhondange, farmer’s activist, delivered lecture on Farmer’s rights and Agricultural Market.
  • Prof, S. N Chudhari, Tribal Research Centre, Bhopal, delivered lecture on Qualitative Methods in Soical Science
  • Jayram Panda, Department of Sociology, Jammu University, delivered lecture on Development and disparity in India.
  • Vidhuyat Joshi ex-Director, of Centre for Social Studies, Surat, Gujarat delivered lecture on tribal development and research methodology.

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