Courses Offered

Course Structure

Courses : MSW, M.A. Applied Economics M.A. Sociology And M.A. Human Rights There are four semesters in two years PG programme of 20 credits each. In every Semester there is Internal Evaluation and External Evaluation, having equal weightage of 50% each. The Courses are based on CBCS (Choice Based Credit System Pattern in every course eight credits are allotted for discipline elective Course and Eight Credit for Open Elective. The Students have Choice to elect the discipline elective as well as open elective as per their interest.

In all the four P.G. Programmes offered in the School of Social Sciences, every course have course Objectives and Course outcome.

Research Degrees:

  1. Phil. & Ph.D. in Social Work
  2. Phil. & Ph.D. in Sociology
  3. Phil. & Ph.D. in Applied Economics
  4. Phil. & Ph.D. in Human Rights

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