Research and Extension Activities

Research Thrust Areas in Geology, Geochemistry, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, Geoinformatics include:

  • Microbiological Evaluation of Fresh Water Quality,
  • Fluoride Contamination of Ground Water,
  • Ground Water Pollution,
  • Land use Mapping,
  • Environmental Education,
  • Disaster Management,
  • Social and Settlement Geography,
  • Crop and Soil Geography,
  • Water Resource Planning for Agriculture,
  • Agro-Climatology,
  • Seismological Data Modeling for Structure & Tectonics,
  • Geophysical Applications for Ground Water and Mineral Resources
  • Geochemical modeling of Magmatic Sedimentary processes


Extension Activities:

  • Outreach programs
  • International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) for X & XII students
  • National Science Day
  • DST-INSPIRE programs for 11th and 12th students
  • Inviting School Children to SES labs
  • Awareness Programs on Disaster Management, Rain Water Harvesting, Environmental Aspects and Roof-top Water Harvesting
  • Monitoring, maintenance & analysis of Digital Seismic Station Data of Municipal Corporation, Nanded.
  • Popular Lectures
  • Radio talks and TV interviews
  • Peace keeping during public functions through POLICE MITRA Program


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