About the School

The School of Computational Sciences was established with the inception of this University (1994). The need of this School was for awareness of education in Computational Sciences in the region and assisting in the development of potential manpower of computer professionals from this rural area.The faculty of the School is young and dynamic with diverse academic background and invaluable practical experience. The School has the courses related to the latest trends and technologies associated with the computers. The School has well equipped laboratories with state of the art allied facilities.

Academics of the school are highly innovative and provide lot of scope to the  students with practical skills. The evaluation of student consists of continuous internal evaluation and opens to the students as in well known institutes. Faculty members and students of the School participated and initiated several projects, attended conferences with the research related activities.

The School carries out teaching and research in the inter-disciplinary areas of computational Sciences, Computer Application &, database management & systems, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. The aim of the School is to innovate and integrate computational and analytical approaches adopted in different branches of sciences to find solutions. Rapid advancement in science and the cutting edge technologies enable and drive research in a big way, providing the opportunity to innovate. The School’s academic and research programs are currently focused on the core area of computational and systems with future emphasis on the study of complex systems, high density data analysis, and computational neurosciences.

Thrust Areas for research:

  • Machine/deep learning for Biological Data Analysis
  • Bi-molecular Simulations
  • High-Throughput Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Networking
  • Data mining
  • Text Mining
  • Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Image Processing
  • Bioinformatics
  • Sound Processing
  • Computational Geo-Informatics
  • Development of Tools in Bioinformatics
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Complex System Studies
  • Crop Genetics & Informatics

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