External Education

External Education is a generic term that includes range of teaching learning strategies variously described as home study, correspondence education or independent study. It is a highly welcome step in the direction of taking education to the doorstep of those who are willing to acquire higher education but being unable to continue education due to lack of resources or paucity of time. External education system fulfills the needs in education to the distant learner who has been engaged is service, business, working in the various fields and who has been a drop out of the education process. In India external education opportunities at the university level have increased enormously. Most of the conventional universities have been running external education programmes on the campus. Many new trends are putting great pressure on the conventional education systems forcing many institutions to review their existing policies & procedures. In this light Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded took the decision to establish a centre for external education in 2009 and centre for external education was setup in the administrative building of the University.

Recently there was tremendous awareness throughout the country about the significance of higher education where the conventional systems could not accommodate the increasing demand of the students. Therefore the spread of higher education through external mode is getting world recognition and acceptance for on the effective and convenient way of reaching to the unreached. The Govt. of India has clearly stated that recognition of degrees/diplomas/certificate course earned through external mode will be as equivalent for various purposes including for employment under the conventional / traditional systems. 

Since beginning SRTM University has been providing facilities for external student of this university. Those students, due to various reasons were unable to join the regular courses. These students, who registered externally, were responsible for learning at home. Hence in order to enhance the quality of their education and reach out to the larger section of the society such as working service class, house wives, working women, educationally backward students but having aspiration for education, the university aiming at social inclusion has opened its doors to them by proposing a centre for external education.  

Objectives of the Center for External Education:

To provide educational facilities,

1) To more number of external learners from various age groups.

2) To different section of the society who are unable to pursue education & to bring them into the main stream.

3) To the female class of the society who has remained deprived because of domestic responsibilities & social restrictions.

4) To all sections of the society irrespective of caste, religion gender, area of origin, social and financial status.

5) To maintain flexibility on academic and administrative aspects.

6) To impart and provide higher education opportunities particularly to the disadvantaged segment of the society.

7) To those who do not have direct access to face teaching for working professionals & housewives.

8) To offer courses along with Self Instructional Materials (SIM), contact sessions, counseling facilities like library & internet advanced technology in education through designated study centers.

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