Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary Studies
Name of Program Academic Year
2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23  Old
Environment Subject Circular     Circular-Environment Subject to be Implemented for One Semesters w.e.f. 2021-22    
    Campus and Sub-Campus Common
M.S.W.   M.S.W. -First Year Campus and Sub-Centre Latur 2020-21    M.S.W. Second Year ( III and VI ) Sem. w.e.f.2022-23    
    University Campus
B.P.A.   B.P.A. First Year 2020.21   B.P.A. ( All ) Syllabus w.e.f. 2022-23   
B.V.A.   B.V.A. First Year 2020-21      
B.Voc. Acting   B.Voc. Acting First Year Dramatics 2020-21      
Diploma in Folk Art   Diploma in Folk Art One Year Diploma 2020-21      
M.Ed. M.Ed. Structure and Syllabus   M.Ed.(Revised) First Year w.e.f. 2021-22     
M.S.W. M.S.W. - First Year ( CBCS )        
Sub-Centre, Latur
M.S.W. M.S.W. -First Year ( CBCS )        
Research-Centre, Kinwat
P.G.-D.S.W. P.G.-DSW Syllabus        
Affiliated Colleges
UG Degree
B.Ed.   B.Ed. Syllabus with Circular w.e.f.2019-20        
B.S.W.    B.S.W. -Third Year     B.S.W. First Year Revised CBCS 2020-21  B.S.W. Second Year w.e.f.2021-22  B.S.W. Third Year Revised (V and VI )Sem. w.e.f.2022-23  B.S.W. -First Year 2017-18 ( CBCS )
        B.S.W -Second Year 2018-19 ( CBCS) Revised 
        B.S.W. -Third Year 2016-17 Semester-V
        B.S.W. -Third Year 2016-17 Semester-VI 
B.S.L.          B.S.L. -First Year 2016-17
        B.S.L. -Second Year 2017-18
B.S.L. 5Years & LLB 3Years (Semester VI )         B.S.L. 5Years & LLB 3Years (Semester VI ) 2017-18
LL.B.         LL.B. -Second Year 2016-17
B.Lib. I.Sc. B.Lib. I.Sc. ( CBCS ) 2019-20 B.Lib. Revised syllabus 2020-21      
B.J.   Bachelor of Journalism Yearly Pattern 2020-21   B.J. Yearly Pattern w.e.f.2021-22     
B.A. Education (Optional )   B.A. First Year Education CBCS 2020-21  B.A. Third Year Education Syllabus w.e.f.2021-22.     
B.A. Computer Animation Web Designing (Optional )    B.A. Second Year Computer Animation Web Designing CBCS 2020-21  B.A. Third Year Computer Animation Web and Design CBCS Pattern w.e.f.2021-22     
B.A. Fashion Design (Optional )    B.A. Second Year Fashion Design CBCS 2020-21  B.A. Third Year Fashion Design CBCS Pattern w.e.f.2021-22.     
B.A. Home Science (Optional )    B.A. Second Year Home Science CBCS 2020-21  B.A. Third Year Home Science CBCS Syllabus w.e.f.2021-22     
B.Sc. Hospitality Studies   B.Sc. Hospitality Studies First Year 2020-21 B.Sc. Hospitality Studies Second Year CBCS 2021-22  B.Sc. Hospitality Third Year w.e.f.2022-23   
  Circular & Syllabus B.Sc. Hospitality Studies 2020-21      
B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication (Optional ) B.A. I, II and III Year Journalism and Mass Communication w.e.f.2019-20        
B.A. Library Information Science (Optional )     B.A. Second Year Library Information Science CBCS 2020-21 B.A. Third.Year B.Lib. Information Science CBCS Pattern w.e.f.2021-22     
B.A. Music (Optional )    B.A. Second Year Music CBCS 2020-21 B.A. Third Year Music CBCS Syllabus w.e.f.2021-22     
B.A. Physical Education (Optional )    B.A. Second Year Physical Education CBCS 2020-21 B.A. Third Year Physical Education Revised Syllabus CBCS Pattern w.e.f.2021-22     
Bachelor of Visual Arts   B.V.A. First Year CBCS 2020-21. B.V.A. 2021-22     
B.A. Yoga and Meditation B.A. Second Year Syllabus Yoga & Meditation w.e.f. 2019-20. B.A. Third Year Yoga & Meditation w.e.f.2020-21     B.A.-I Year -Yoga & Meditation CBCS Pattern Syllabus w.e.f.2018-19.
Bachelor of Performing Art   B.P.A. 2020-21      
B.A. Lalit Kala        B.A. First Year Lalit Kala 2022-23  
B.F.A.       B.F.A. First Year ( I & II Sem) w.e.f.2022-23  
PG Degree
M.Lib. & Inf. Sci.   Master Of Library Information Science Revised CBCS 2020-21 M.Lib. & Inf.Sci. First Year 2021-22    M.Lib. & Inf. Sci. ( CBCS ) 2018-19
M.P.Ed. M.P.Ed. 2019-20 Master of Physical Education M.P.Ed. CBCS 2020-21       
M.Ed. M.Ed. First Year (2019-20)   M.Ed.(Revised) First Year w.e.f. 2021-22    M.Ed. Second Year (2016-17)
M.A. Education     M.A. Education Two Years 2021-22.    

LL.M.One Year


LL.M. Syllabus Pages 1-32


LL.M. Syllabus Pages 33-64

        LL.M. Syllabus Pages 65-96
M.A. Fashion Design   M.A. Fashion Design Second Year CBCS 2020-21      
M.A. Music   M.A. First Year Music CBCS 2020-21      
M.A. Second Year Music CBCS Pattern 2020-21    
Master in Computer Animation Vfx & Web   Master in Computer Animation Vfx & Web Second Year CBCS 2020-21      
Master of Journalism Media Science   Master of Journalism Media Science CBCS 2020-21 Master of Journalism and Media Science w.e.f. 2021-22    
      M.J.M.S. w.e.f.2021-22 and 2023    
M.S.W.   Master of Social Work M.S.W. Revised CBCS 2020-21 M.S.W. First Year w.e.f.2021-22     
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