Research and Extension Activities

Research Facilities:

  • Research Centre in the subject Management Science
    • Research Guides- 05
    • Number of Ph.D. Students awarded- 14
    • Number of Ph.D. Students pursuing - 16
  • Research Scholars lab
  • Computers with Internet to all researchers
  • Access to Central Library
  • Arc GIS Software


Research Thrust Areas:

Thrust areas of Research and Publications:

  • Disaster Management : Lightning hazard
  • Water Management
  • International Finance and Banking : Financial Inclusion
  • Human Resource Development : Seasonal Labour migration, HRD
  • Rural Development : Micro finance -Self help group
  • Marketing Management : Rural Marketing, Brand Management , Health and wellness marketing
  • Interdisciplinary research


Extension Activities :

1.Marketing activity of hand made products:

               Generated by Blind trainees of a Blind and Handicap rehabilitation centre ‘Swadhar-Shramik Pratisthan’, Budhoda, near Latur during Diwalee festival time through MBA students.

2.Gardening practices during drought situation

3.Best from Waste Activity

            By collecting used sarees from students, get converted in carpets through trainees of a Blind and Handicap rehabilitation centre ‘Swadhar-ShramikPratisthan’, Budhoda, near Latur. Carpets distributed to Orphanage home, old age home at Latur.

4.Selling & Marketing of Acupressure Massage Coupon

           Operated by Blind trainees of a Blind and Handicap rehabilitation centre through MBA students

5.Election Awareness Campaign

            Almost all students of School of Management Sciences are voters of this World’s largest democratic country. Election awareness campaign was conducted in the school for making students aware about election process and their rights

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