Directors Message


In the 25 years since the inception of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, we are proud to have delivered teaching, research and extension to not only to the students from our university jurisdiction but also from Other Universities, State and now to Foreigner.

We have established ‘Sub Campus’ at Latur and now to spread the established New Sub-Centre, Parbhani which is supported by ''University". Sub Centre will open the doors of academic opportunity to the students from this region.

From publishing ‘Research Papers’ in highly reputed journals to winning ‘Academic Awards’ of repute at national and international level our teachers have always delivered good in terms of teaching and research.  The well qualified, experienced and award winner teachers will be part of the ‘Teaching Quorum’ of the Sub-Centre. Thus, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University gives you the opportunity to learn from teachers who practice teachers and preach advanced research techniques. The SRTMUN offers access to award practice teachers.  It will provide you an academic environment to build your own ‘academic career’. Here is an opportunity for you to choose career of your own choice which will fetch you good job in the ‘job market’ with attractive package. Our academic programs are one of Maharashtra’s most comprehensive one which offers opportunity to the students to choose courses of their own liking as the syllabus is based on ‘Choice Based Credit System’. This is one of the first Sub-Centre in entire Maharashtra to offer academic program through ‘choice Based System’. The programs are aimed at meeting the expectations of the employee and empowering students to make contributions to State of Maharashtra in particular and Nation in general.

A combination of hard working students and dedicated teachers coupled with effective programs develops high quality Diploma holders/ Postgraduates our university aims to produce such graduates from the Sub-Centre, who will always be in the job market.

Our campus is safe and academically most vibrant. It has good accessibility from the city. Be a part of our university and join us, we continue to deliver ‘Teaching’ and ‘Research’ of highest quality that makes a difference in the academic career. I would be more than delighted to ‘Welcome’ you to join Sub-Centre in this academic year 2019-20. 

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