Major Achievements and Special Features School
  1. UGC SAP DRS-I was Completed in 2016, ( 2011 to 2016).
  2. UGC SAP DRS-II Supported School from 2018 to
  3. Courses based on CBCS pattern and Interdisciplinary Approach.
  4. Student Focused Teaching.
  5. Curricula based on UGC guidelines, Competitive examinations and NET SET
  6. Competent, experienced& well qualified Teaching
  7. Use of ICT techniques in
  8. Class Rooms with full of ventilation and fresh
  9. Separate Computer Lab with Broad Band Internet
  10. Seminar Hall, and School Library
  11. Every PG program is having paper on ‘Research Methodology’.
  12. Skill improvement activities such as Study Tour, Village Camp, Field Work Practicum, Home Assignment, Seminar, Dissertation
  13. Separate Ladies Common
  14. Certificate Course in Women’s Study

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