Course Objectives and Course Outcomes

The syllabus of M. Sc. Physics is structured in such a way that each of the student attain all the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that they are expected to attain as they progress through the program. On successful completion of this course, students will acquire the ability to understand the fundamental concepts, principles and theories related to the identified subject areas.

Objectives of the M Sc Physics course are:

  1. To develop skills of critical thinking, hypothesis building and applying the scientific method of physics concepts, theoretical models and laboratory experiments
  2. To develop problem solving skill for identifying and formulating problems independently and creatively employing the theoretical and/or experimental methods that he has acquired during the course
  3. To train the students with a working knowledge of experimental/computational techniques and instrumentation required to work independently in research and industrial environments
  4. To acquire advanced knowledge in specialized areas in physics that are in tune with the front-line research in physics
  5. To prepare the students to successfully compete for current employment opportunities.


Course Outcome:

Students after completing their post graduation in Physics (M Sc Physics) will

  1. be eligible to get employment as an assistant professor, teacher, etc. in private, semi-government, government in colleges and schools after fulfilling the requirements and can rise up to the top positions
  2. pursue their higher studies in related fields including M Phil, Ph D in the national and international universities depending upon the eligibility conditions of the concerned universities
  3. work as research fellow, scientist in research institutes and carry out research after qualifying the NET/SET/PET examinations
  4. handle standard and advanced laboratory equipment, modern instrumentation and classical techniques to carry out experiments.
  5. work as entrepreneurs


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