Dr. Gajanan B. Zore

Dr. Gajanan B. Zore

Assistant Professor

School of Life Sciences

S.R.T.M.University, Nanded – 431 606

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Personal & Academic Information:
Date of Birth:  
Qualification: M. Sc. Ph. D. (Biotechnology)
Specialization: Genetics and Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Infectious Disease
Teaching Experience: PG: 13
Courses taught till date:

Genetics and Molecular Biology (T & L), Cell Biology (T&L), rDNA Technology (T&L), Plant Biotechnology (T&L), Plant physiology (T&L), Biopharming and Molecular medicine (Offered as an elective), Animal Cell Culture (L)"

Summary of Academic Career:

I am teaching cell biology, molecular biology, rDNA technology (theory and lab) as major teaching assignments and my ongoing research program complements well in my teaching. My research is focused on understanding cellular and molecular basis of survival and virulence of Candida albicans under diverse microenvironment. Tools and techniques used in my research program greatly help me in designing and teaching laboratory courses of molecular biology & genetic engineering (cloning and transformation, expression analysis, next generation sequencing, etc.) cell biology (microscopy: light, fluorescent, SEM, TEM and FACS for cell cycle regulation) and proteomics (2-DGE, LCMS/MS), etc. Undergraduate students joining my laboratory for their masters thesis, work on our ongoing projects and get hands on training in these techniques. I have developed and offered a 4 credit course on Biopharming and molecular medicine as an elective. In addition to this I am also contributing to other courses like plant tissue culture and biotechnology, plant physiology, etc. I had been associated with designing and updating curriculum of masters program (Biotechnology) of SRTMU, Nanded and  Univ. of Pune.

Thrust Areas of Research: 1. Plant Biotechnology, 2. Biology of Candida albicans, 3. Natural products
Research Publications:  SCOPUS                            : 10
Web of Science                : 10
Conference Proceedings : 01
Citations: SCOPUS :  325                          Google Scholar : 430
Paper Presentations: 08 
Research Guidance:  Ph.D.   :  Awarded -  6              Registered - 3
M.Phil. :  Awarded -  2
 Research Projects:    Ongoing : 2016-2021: USAID (USA) and BIRAC (India) (65 L).
Completed : 2015-2016: Raman Fellowship at Washington State Univ., Pullman (USA) (25 L) 2012-2015: SERB Young Scientist Scheme (23 L) 2010-2013: UGC-Major Research Project (15 L) 2011-2012: UGC-Minor Research Project (0.8 L) 2012-16:DST/INSPIRE Fellowship IF 120049
Total Outlay : 180
Selected Publications:

Radfan Ahmed Gajanan Zore, et al. 2018. Serum Responsive Proteome Reveals Correlation between Oxidative Phosphorylation and Morphogenesis in Candida albicans ATCC10231. J of Proteomics.185,25-38.https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jprot.2018.06.018

Thakre A, Zore G, Kodgire S, Kazi R, Mulange S, Patil R,, Bayitigeri S, Kulkarni M, Karuppayil S. M. 2017. Limonene  mediated cell wall and membrane damage induce oxidative stress that leads nucleolar stress and apoptosis in Candida albicans. Med Mycol. 56,565-578. https://doi.org/10.1093/mmy/myx074

Zore G. B., Thakre Archana, Jadhav Sitaram, Karuppayil S. Mohan 2011. Terpenoids Inhibit Candida albicans Growth by Affecting Membrane Integrity and Arresting Cell Cycle. Phytomedicine  18, (13); 1181-1190.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.phymed.2011.03.008

Resource Person:
Invited Talks:   International : 01
National : Zore G B. 2013. Feeding the future in warming climate. at State level conference at Malpani College, Sangamner (MS). Zore G B. 2013. Strategies for Identifying novel drug targets in C. albicans. at Devgiri College, Aurangabad (MS).  Zore G. B., Thakre AD.
Guest Lectures:  06
Positions Held:

Coordinator, Center for Agro-Bio Innovation and Incubation (CABII), SRTMU, Nanded

Coordinator, DST-FIST I, SLS, SRTMU, Nanded

Coordinator, LIFSA, SLS, SRTMU, Nanded

Co-coordinator, UGC-SAP-DRSII, SLS, SRTMU, Nanded

Secretary, IBSC, SRTM University, Nanded
Administration: Core group Member: International Students Centre, SRTMU, Nanded (2010-11)
Association with various organizations:

American Association of Advancement of Science, USA  2015-18

American Society of Microbiology, USA   2015-18

Society of Biological Chemists, India,    2004-05

Indian Society of Mycol Pl Pathol, India
Corporate responsibilities: Proposed and won an incubation center,  Center for Agro-Bio Innovation and Incubation (CABII), for SRTMU, Nanded from Maharashtra State Innovation Society with a financial assistance of Rs. 5 Cr for five years. Currently leading a team of core group members as a coordinator of this center, and attempting to initiate incubation activity.
Extension/Outreach Activities: Working as a Coordinator of Center for Agro-Bio Innovation and Incubation and leading a startup movement in the region of Marathwada. Visited all the four districts of University Jurisdiction to deliver talks on Startup awareness.
Honors /Awards received:

Nominated for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize-2019.

Awarded Raman Fellowship for postdoctoral research in USA-2014-15. (First Raman Fellow of this University)

First CSIR SRF of this University -2004-6
Programs organized/attended:  
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops etc attended:   45
Patents Information: 
Patents Filed: International:  01    

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