Criteria 1. Curricular Aspects
Criteria Key Indicators (KIs)                                                                                    
1. Curricular Aspects 1.1  Curriculum Design and Development

1.1.1 Relevance of Academic Programs

1.1.2 Revision of Syllabi of Programs

         List of Programs where syllabi revision has been carried out

         Summary of Minutes of meetings of Academic Council

         Circulars And Minutes Of Meetings Of Board Of Studies 

1.1.3 Courses relevent Employability Entrepreneurship Skill

        Development Courses

        List of Employability Skill Development etc courses

        Syllabi of Courses focused on Employabilty Skill Development

        Summary of Minutes of meetings of Academic Council

        MoUs Related to Skill Development etc Courses 

        Mapping of Courses Related to Skill Development etc

1.2  Academic Flexibility

1.2.1 New Courses Introduced

         List of New Courses introduced during last 5 years

         Summary of Minutes of meetings of Academic Council

1.2.2 Programs under Choice Based Credit System

         Programs under CBCS or Elective courses system

         Summary of Minutes of meetings of Academic Council

         University Circular for CBCS Implementation

         Structures of Academic Programs under CBCS

1.3  Curriculum Enrichment

1.3.1 Courses relevant to Gender, Environement and Sustainbility

1.3.2 & 1.3.3 Value Added Courses Syllabus

          List of Value added course

          Brochure or Documents related to Value added courses

          Syllabi of Value added courses

          Yearwise List of Students Enrolled to Value Added courses

1.3.4 Students field Projects and Internships

          List of Students Involved in Project Internships etc

          Students field projects and Internships etc

1.4  Feedback System

1.4.1 Stakeholders Feedback Analysis

        Filled Sample Feedback Form

        1. Student feedback

        2. Teachers feedback 

        3. Alumni feedback

        4. Employers feedback

        Summary of Experts feedback

1.4.2 Schoolwise ATR on Feedback provided by stakeholders

        1. Student Feedback and ATR

        2. Teachers Feedback and ATR

        3. Alumni Feedback and ATR

        4. Employers Feedback and ATR

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