Hostel Infrastructure & Facilities

Hostel Infrastructure & Facilities: 

Each campus school has allotted a quota on demand & supply basis. Students are admitted as per merit. Basic facilities like a cot, a study table, a chair, a tube light, a door mat and a dust bin is provided to each room. Water coolers with filters, newspapers, solar heaters, reading rooms, TV and cement benches in hostel premises etc. are some of the other common facilities provided to the students.

Hostel Mess:

For Girls’ hostel, mess is run on co-operative basis. Dining hall is provided with tables, chairs and deep freezer. It also has attached kitchen, storage rooms for food grains and vegetables.

Boys’ hostel has a mess hall of 30 x 40 feet size. This mess is run by the contractor. For the hostel's furniture, utensils and gas connection is provided by the University.

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