माननीय कुलपती


श्री. रमेश बैस

माननीय कुलपती

  • To promote teaching, training and policy research, extensive ethnographic and anthropological study relevant to the tribal culture, dialect, folk literature, oral history, painting, music, dance, handicraft, sculpture and development;

  • To conduct action and extension activities on the identified issues, affecting the tribal livelihood systems;

  • To suggest suitable measures to the State Government for undertaking various welfare programmes in a meaningful way for the overall development of tribal areas;

  • Have a collaboration with prime national level Universities and Research Institutions in the field of teaching, research and extension activities;

  • To establish a Museum for preserving Tribal Art, Sculpture, etc.

बातमी / परिपत्रके

संकुले / क्रीडा




वित्त, लेखा, संपदा विभाग

माननीय कुलगुरू



डॉ. मनोहर चासकर

माननीय कुलगुरू

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