Profile of Girls' Hostel
Year of Establishment 2001
Administrative Staff 01 Rector,02 Wardens,01 Hostel Superintendent and 01 Peon
Building Area

Hostel No 1=2710m², Hostel No2=538m², Hostel No3=1147m², Hostel No4=2553.90 m²

No. of Rooms Available 259
No. of Students Staying           396
Size of Room  

Hostel No 1=100 Sq.ft., Hostel No 2=99 Sq.ft., Hostel No 3=110 Sq.ft.,
Hostel No 3 (Ext.) = 130 Sq.ft., Hostel No 4 = 168 Sq.ft.

Facilities in the Room Cot, Chair, Table, Cupboard, Tube, Fan, Dust Bin,
Door Mat, and Sanitary napkin vending and disposal machine
Fees Rs.3200/- (Rs.3200/- fees per year + deposit Rs.500/-)
Hostel Tenancy As per hostel Rules and Regulations
Solar Heaters 05 with capacity of 1000 liter each +01 under installation
Water cooler with purifiers 05 RO Filter
Recreational Hall

Hostel No.1: 01, with the size of 1111Sq.ft.
Hostel No.4: 01, with the size of 1200 Sq.ft.

Internet WI-FI connectivity
Sports Facilities

Carrom, Chess, Volleyball and Badminton available in Hostel premises.
(All sports facilities provided from sports departments.)

Health Center

University Health Center is besides hostel and
Govt. Hospital is located at a distance of 0.5 km

Computerization One computer is provided to the hostel office
News Papers

03, (Lokmat, Sakal, The Times of India, Maharashtra Times
and Loksatta 03 copies each)

Mess Hostel No.1: 01, with the size of (1111 Sq.ft.), Kitchen and Storeroom
Hostel No.4: 01, with the size of (1200 Sq.ft.), Kitchen and Storeroom
Entertainment 01 TV sets is kept in recreation hall, Hostel No.1and 01,
T.V hall with the size of 1200 Sq.ft., in Hostel No.4
Garden Garden is well organized
Parking shade Yes
Security Room 02

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