Hostel Rules and Regulations

Hostel Discipline Rules:

I) General Information Regarding Admission to University Campus Hostels

The Hostels are meant primarily for the students of the University Schools run by the University. The application for admission to the hostel must be submitted in the prescribed form which can be taken from the University office. The allocation of the rooms will be made by the Hostel Committee. Rooms shall have to be occupied as per allotment by the Hostel committee and no change of room is allowed. Registration fee of Rs. 35/- per year must be paid along with the application form. The following remaining hostel fees shall have to be paid by the student before occupying the room.

1. Total hostel fees Rs. 3200/- (Per year)
2. Hostel deposit Rs. 500/-

In case of cancellation of hostel admission, full fees would be refunded, provided that it is cancelled within 30 days from the date of admission.
During the hostel admission, hostel form is to be completely filled and all relevant documents should be attached with the form. The student’s hostel admission is liable to be cancelled if the information in the hostel form is wrongly filled, or the incomplete documents/ wrong documents are attached with the form.

Before admission to the hostel for new academic year, it is compulsory for the students to undergo a medical checkup done by the medical officer on the campus and submit the medical certificate with the admission form of hostel.
The students, who get the admission in the hostel, their parents should read the hostel rules carefully and sign the agreement regarding the same.

II) Hostel Mess

1. In Girls’ Hostel, the mess will be run on co-operative basis by students and for students. Every resident student must be a mess member. They must make payments regularly and strictly and adhere to the rules made for the mess. Any default in this respect on the part of the resident student may lead to the loss of seat in Hostel. Monthly payment, as prescribed must be paid by the 5th day of every month. Defaulters will be charged fine of Rs. 50 up to the 10th day of the month and of Rs. 100/- till the 20th day of the month. Any further delay in payment will incur a fine of Rs. 20/- per day in addition to the fine of Rs. 200 /- + Regular charges. In Boys’ Hostel, mess will be run by the contractor.

2. Monthly mess charge will be fixed i. e. 100 (compulsory min. charge) + 900= 1000/-. If the student is absent for one complete month, minimum Rs.100/- will be charged as mess charge.

3. Guest charge for meal for non-hosteller should be paid Rs 50/- per meal and record should be maintained by mess team.

4. Maximum 2 times feast can be given in a month depending on money and budget with prior intimation to concerned warden.

5. Daily attendance of mess workers is compulsory.

6. Girl student is liable for half mess charges, i. e. Rs. 500/-, if the student is absent continuously for more than 15days, with prior permission of warden and it is compulsory to inform the mess charge team also.

7. It is mandatory for students residing in the Hostel to join the mess attached to the hostel. Hostellers are required to dine in the dining hall. No hosteller is permitted to take food in the room except for those reported sick with prior permission of hostel warden. Indoor cooking including making of tea/coffee/noodles in the rooms is strictly prohibited. The hostellers shall not waste food, electricity & water. Wastage of food is liable of Rs. 10/- as hostel fine.

8. For Girls’ Hostel: Outsiders are not allowed in the mess. Guests are allowed in mess with prior permission of the Warden/ Hostel superintendent and charges applicable.

9. For Girls’ Hostel: Outside food/dabbas are strictly not permitted in the hostel. And also the students are not allowed to order online food.

10. Monthly balance of at least Rs. 10,000/- should be forwarded to next in charge team.

III) Facilities Available

11. Normally girl's students will be provided with a table, chair, cot, mattress, pillow, blanket, pillow cover, bed sheet, Cold Purified water to drink, Geyser Hot water for bath only, Reading room, TV Hall, CCTV camera and 24⤫7 Medical facility. All the hostel articles issued to the students must be returned to the Hostel Warden/ Hostel superintendent before the students leave their rooms. They shall be responsible for any loss. The loss, if any, shall be made good from the defaulters.

12. Prominent daily newspapers in Marathi and English are supplied and are kept in the general reading room.

13. A Health Centre is available on the campus for consultation and treatment.

IV) Hostel Discipline Rules

14. Every hostel student must carry his/her identity card bearing the hostel number and room number in which he/she is staying. Hostellers are informed to mark their attendance through biometric system between 06:00 to 08:30 am, in morning and 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm, in evening, daily.

15. Hostellers (Girl's student) must return to the Hostel by 7:00 pm daily for their own safety. Late Returning to hostel, i.e. between 7:00pm-8:00 pm will be liable of Rs. 100/- as hostel fine. Late Returning to hostel, i. e. after 8:00pm will be liable of Rs. 200/- as hostel fine. If a student is repeatedly (more than 2 times in a month) violating the rule of late returning to hostel, she will be liable for expulsion from the hostel / disciplinary action.
Ph.D./M Phil scholars from Girl’s Hostels are given relaxation of 30 min and they must reach the Hostel by 7:30 PM subject to production of a letter from her Ph.D. supervisor. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 200 as hostel fine.

16. Students from Boys’ Hostels must remain present in their rooms between 10.00 PM. and 6.00 AM and Girls’ students should follow the rules and the time schedule laid down by the authorities i. e. 7.00 PM to 6.00 AM

17. Attendance will be taken for girls by the lady guard every night between 10:00-11:00pm. Girl students are not permitted to talk on mobile phone in the room as well as outside the room after 10:00 pm, to avoid the disturbance to other roommates. Hostelite has to sign the attendance register every day. Student must carry her identity card while signing the attendance. It is observed that student do the proxy signature of their friends, then in such cases student will be liable of Rs. 500/- as hostel fine. If the student sometimes do the proxy signature of the wardens, if such thing comes to the notice, then in such cases student will be liable for expulsion from hostel.

18. Functions, celebrations, meeting or formation of any kind of organization is not permitted without the prior permission of the Hostel office. Celebration of Festivals and Birthdays: Hostellers shall take prior permission of the warden for celebrating any festivals and birthdays. Birthdays should be held in a mess hall for one hour between 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm. There should not be any kind of physical discomfort noise level, volume of music system, etc. No outside guest or interference of any kind will be allowed. Violation of the rule/complaint from the other hostellers shall be liable of Rs. 500 as hostel fine to the birthday girl/or 200/per student as hostel fine will be charged to all students involved in the festival celebration.

19. No public procession or celebration outside hostel premises is allowed during festivals, etc. for the students of the Girls’ Hostel. Hostellers shall not indulge in any political or communal activity which is detrimental to the law and order and/or against the Government. Hostellers shall not carry on any propaganda or publicity of any nature whatsoever in respect of anything or any matter including political or communal matters.

20. Hostellers shall take prior written permission of the Rector/Campus Administrator before giving any information or interview regarding Hostel to any member of the Press, Radio, Television or any other media or before making any speech containing any information regarding the Hostel.

21. No notice will be displayed by hostel inmates on the hostel notice board without the countersignature of hostel warden. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 100/- as hostel fine. Students shall have to observe complete discipline inside the Hostel and on the University Campus.

22. For Girls’ Hostel: i) A resident who wishes to remain absent from the Hostel must take written permission of the Warden on the prescribed Proforma.
a. Leave application must be submitted in time and must be approved by the Warden minimum one working day in advance, otherwise it will not be considered. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 500/- as hostel fine.
b. If student is absent from the hostel without permission under unavoidable condition, room will be double locked and fine of Rs. 500/- will be imposed. If this is repeated, student shall be expelled from the Hostel.
c. Any student wishing to remain absent herself from the hostel for more than 3 days then she must have the approval of the Director of the concerned school.

23. a) Hostel students are particularly required to maintain regularity in their academic life. Their failure at the examinations or irregularity in work may result in the cancellation of their hostel admission. In such cases fees shall not be refunded.
b.) Hostel residents who are consistently absent from the hostel or found to be living locally may face cancellation of hostel admission.

24. No student shall undertake repair work of any damage caused to the fittings or fixtures of furniture or carry out any alteration therein. He/she should report the damage caused to the hostel authorities. Students shall be held responsible for the damage to the furniture, windows, doors, walls, electric fittings etc. and the cost of the damage and penalty as decided by hostel authority shall be recovered from them. Loss of utensils, if any, shall be recovered from the students on pro- rata basis at the end of every term.

25. Use of electrical appliances like heaters, hotplates, etc, in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. And all fans, light and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use. If hostellers are found using electrical appliances in their rooms a hostel fine of Rs. 500/per student will be charged to all roommates.

26. Wastage or improper use of water, electricity etc. is not allowed. Misuse of electricity is strictly prohibited, and the defaulter will be penalized. If any Hosteller is found washing her clothes and utensils with the hot/warm water from geyser in bathroom will be liable of Rs. 100/- as hostel fine.

27. Hostellers are responsible for the up-keeping, cleanliness and tidiness of their rooms at all times including the common areas in the Hostel, such as the lounge area, dining room and bathrooms for the convenience of the next users. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 100/per student as hostel fine will be charged to all roommates.

28. Common Hostel furniture and the corridor tube lights /bulbs must not be moved from its existing position/place without the consent of the Hostel Authority. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 500/- as hostel fine.

29. Hostellers are not permitted to change rooms or sleep anywhere other than in their allotted room without the consent of the Hostel Authority in writing. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 100/- as hostel fine.

30. Prior permission must be taken from the warden regarding stay of a female relative (only mother or real sister, not cousins) in the Girls’ Hostel and charges Rs.50/day is applicable. Guest is allowed to stay for maximum 2 days stay with the student in hostel; this is to avoid inconvenience to the other roommates. Violating the rule will be liable of Rs. 200 as hostel fine. Except mother or real sister, other female guest will be permitted to stay in hostel for maximum 1 day with guest charge as Rs.200/day.

31. Hostellers falling sick or feel symptoms of sickness should report to hostel warden for evacuation to hospital. 24 hours Ambulance-Service is available in the campus on paid basis. Hostel inmates must vacate his/her room within one day after his/her examination gets over. Under no circumstances he/she will be allowed to extend his/her stay in the hostel beyond one day. Student must take along all of her belongings.

32. The research scholars whose both guide and research centre are from SRTM University campus are only eligible for regular Hostel admission. The research student must handover the possession of the room immediately after three years tenure or submission of the Ph. D. thesis whichever is earlier and for M. Phil Student after one year of academic term (after the last day of the final examination). If he/she fails to vacate the room within a week he/she shall be charged Rs. 50/- per day with the permission of Rector. The Ph. D. and M. Phil student’s stay is extensible by one year if applied through the guide and Director of the School by paying guest charges. But he/she will have to vacate the day she/he submits the dissertation or one year whichever is earlier. If the research scholar is admitted in second term, he/she shall have to pay either half of the hostel fees or guest charge, whichever is less. The first term shall be from June to Nov and second term shall be from Dec to May.

33. Hostel deposit will be refunded to the student, if the application with photocopies of receipts for the refund of deposit is made within one year from the date of the completion of the examination of the academic year.

34. The hostel deposit paid for a course will be valid for that course only and not transferred to another course.

35. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students, if he / she is found guilty of willful disobedience or defiance of authority or non-observance of hostel rules or mischievous and insolent or immoral behavior. This action may be a fine, expulsion and /or forfeiture of the degree, depending upon the nature of the offence.

36. The inmates are responsible for all their personal belongings and valuable items like cell/mobile phones, laptop, computer, watches and money etc. and should close all the windows and doors and lock their rooms and suitcases before leaving the room to avoid possible thefts of valuables. The hostel authorities shall not be responsible for the losses.

37. If the student absconds from the hostel, he/she shall not be permitted to stay in Hostel and shall thereafter be expelled from the hostel.

38. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Anybody violating this rule is liable for legal action and immediate dismissal from the hostel. (Incidents of ragging should be brought to the notice of the Wardens, Rectors). In accordance of Maharashtra Ragging Prohibition Act 1999 and directives of the UGC, those found involved in the ragging will be i) given strong punishment, ii) debarred from the University for five years and will not be allowed to take admission for five years, iii) sent two years imprisonment and iv) can be fined up to Rs.10,000/-

Complaints, if any about the hostel staff, servants, mess or any other complaint should be given in writing to the Warden. No one shall take the law in one’s own hands and take direct action. Mass agitation for any reason is prohibited. Hostellers shall treat the staff and housekeeping staff of the Hostel with due courtesy at all times. Service of the housekeeping staff shall NOT be utilized for private or personal work. No tips in cash or kind will be given to the staff of the Hostel.

39. Any sort of monetary collection by the students is not permitted.

40. Hawkers, salesmen etc. are not allowed to enter the hostel premises. Students are advised not to entertain them and do any financial transactions with them.

41. The Hostel authorities (Warden/ Hostel superintendent/ Guard) will conduct surprise checks periodically and if anyone is found violating the above rules, disciplinary action will be taken against her. The hostel rooms are subject to inspection by the Hostel authorities to make sure that they are kept neat and tidy and no unauthorized items like liquor, drugs, lethal weapons etc., are kept in the room.

42. Student shall discuss and resolve the problems/grievance with Warden and Rector. Under no circumstances are they allowed to directly complain to the higher authorities. If under some unavoidable condition, they wish to approach to the higher authorities, one copy of the application should be given to Warden / Rector.

43. A grievance committee is available for the students for hearing their grievances and taking appropriate action.

44. It is compulsory for every student resident to attend and actively participate in hostel meetings or programs.

45. The hostel authorities have full powers to suspend / expel any student from the hostel if he/she is found guilty of any offence related to the hostel.

46. A student can avail the Hostel facility for one PG course only. Failed students and students continuing education after one or more year’s gap are not permitted to stay in the Hostel.

47. No parasites are allowed to stay in the hostel. In case of violation, occupant shall have to pay the fine of Rs. 750/-(one month guest charge) for each parasite for first time and repetition will result in the cancellation of the Hostel admission. For Girls’ hostel occupant shall pay one month mess charge in additional with guest charge.

48. Local students are not eligible for Hostel admission. Student should enclose proof for address of parents (domicile/electric bill/telephone bill etc.) with application.
If a resident is found to be residing locally in Nanded city, his/her hostel admission shall be cancelled and fine of Rs 5000/- will be imposed.

49. No Hostel charges except Hostel deposit are refundable. Hostel charges and mess advances are refundable only if the application for the refund for deposits is made within one year from the date of completion of the course or from the leaving of the Hostel, whichever is earlier.

50. Students availing Fellowships/Scholarships shall have to pay their HRA as Hostel fees.

51. No resident students are allowed to keep the guests in their rooms. Guests will be accommodated in hostel guest room at the rate Rs.200/- a day, based on the availability of the room.
a. Guest will be permitted inside the hostel only on submission (by resident) of application by the resident and signed by the Warden along with guest charge receipt.
b. Guest charge must be paid in advance by the residents.
c. The residents who have applied for Guest permission is responsible for his/her guest in every way, including financial. The resident shall be responsible for any misbehavior on the part of the guest.

52. The residents of the University hostels shall co-operate with the employees of this University in the discharge of their given duties as per university rules and regulations. Failure to do so may invite harsh penalty, including cancellation of hostel admission.

53. It is mandatory to follow the hostel rules and also the rules which may be implemented by the authorities from time to time.

54. The student absent continuously for one month without prior permission of Warden shall be expelled from the Hostel.

55. Every student including research students, in subsequent year, must renew his/her hostel admission. Otherwise, he/she shall be treated as illegal and shall also be expelled from the hostel.

56. If any student meet with an accident, gets harmed in the group/gang war/fight, indulge in communal matters outside the university campus, and there is some type of casualty, the hostel/university authorities shall not be responsible it. The student herself/himself will be responsible for it.

57. If any student commits suicide due to failure in the exam or any other reason, in the hostel or outside the hostel, the hostel/university authorities shall not be responsible it. The student herself/himself will be responsible for it.

58. The hostel/university authorities shall not be responsible for the misbehavior/misdeed done by the hostel student, outside the university campus. The student herself/himself will be responsible for it. 

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