Research and Documentation:

1. The Centre since its inception initiated a non-funded and self-supported research initiative to bring out local narratives of women’s oppressions and resistances in Marathi- the regional language. The project was called ‘Mapping Resistance’. The first in the series was stories of women widowing due to farmers’ suicide and the strategies these women adopt to survive in a hostile social order. The other two narratives were compiled and published by the centre are- 1) The Stories of Local Women Suffering Stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. 2) Autobiographical Narratives of Violence from of the city X (pseudonym). The project is in collaboration with the participants in the Interdisciplinary Certificate Course in Women Studies.

2. The Centre had initiated two projects earlier on ‘Practical Gender Needs of Waddar Women’ and ‘Women’s Experiences in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme’. The reports of the projects have been completed by the Centre in 2012.

3. Since the majority of the students enrolled for the Certificate Course being run by the centre read and write in Marathi, the centre brought out an occasional paper in Feminist Research Method in Marathi in 2012. Another occasional paper on Profeminist Men is in the process.

4. The Centre initiated certain bibliographic projects to help the research students of social sciences and humanities who are working in particular areas of women studies. The first in the series is a detailed bibliography on ‘Dalit Women and Dalit Feminism’. This has been completed and published. It will help the research students of Social Sciences, Humanities and other disciplines who are working in particular areas of women’s studies.

5. The Centre has initiated research project on ‘From Sexual Oppression to Settled Families: Understanding Kolhati women’s Life in Changing Times’.

6. One research paper title ‘Kanyadhan and Kolam Striyan: Ek Streewadi and Samajshastriya –Vivechan’ has published in the Sociological Bulletin (Hindi Version) of the Indian Sociological Society, Delhi.

7. The Centre has initiated research project on ‘Combating Domestic Violence: A Study of Protection Officers’ Interventions in Nanded District’.

8. The Research Project on ‘A Study of Social and Economical Status of Women Workers in Agriculture: Special reference to Backward Districts in Marathwada Region ’Submitted by the Head of centre to Maharashtra State Commission for Women, Mumbai.

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