Brochure of Certificate Course

Interdisciplinary Certificate Course in Women Studies

Women Studies is one of the interdisciplinary fields of knowledge which aims at comprehending and analyzing inequality, oppression and discriminations based on sex and gender. Originating from centuries of women’s political and intellectual struggles the discipline has developed epistemological and pedagogical tools to critically investigate social, political, economic and cultural processes through gender lance. Over last few decades the University Grant Commission has played a pro-active role towards the institutionalization of women studies because of the latter’s growing significance as a vital field of knowledge in national/international arenas. It has become almost obligatory for the Development agencies and systems of governance at local, regional, national and international levels to incorporate gender perspectives in their programme and policies. Gender concerns are somewhat ‘sensibly’ integrated in corporate sector in the western countries and are making some headway in non-western corporate world as well. This obligatory inclusion of gender within various domains shows the success of women’s movement in putting the issues of gender in place. But there is a simultaneous erosion of gender equality reflected in growing violence against women, unfavourable sex ratio, declining health status, sexualized and unsafe public spaces, insensitive media, women’ slack of equal access to education, food, health and political participation. As markers of community honour women are invariably drawn in caste, communal and ethnic conflict. All theses call for a large number of intellectuals, activists, experts and consultants who can both seek a career in the growing field as well as become change agents by contributing to the process of democratization from a feminist perspective. With this in view the WSC of the School of Social Sciences, SRTM University offers a four and half month interdisciplinary certificate course in Women Studies.


Graduate in any discipline including Social Sciences, Humanities, Law and Natural Sciences and also those who hold a bachelor’s degree in any technical field.

Course Fee:

Rupees five hundred (Rs. 500) is charged as the course fee.


The online application form available on university website, One print copy of the form should submit in the WSC office at the School of Social Sciences. Admission Date will be published on website.

Career Potentials:

The participants can seek employments with NGOs and Development Agencies. Many research institutes also prefer students with specialization in gender and women studies for fellowship and jobs and a certificate course in the same can help the interested students in entering such institutes as researchers and professionals. The course will also be beneficial to those who wish a career in activism/ media and journalism/freelance writing etc. It will definitely be an additional qualification to law graduates and social workers who can incorporate a pro-women perspective in their practice. Some of the students can also seek career in corporate sector as consultant upon further pursuing courses and training in women studies. Those who are interested in academics and higher research in gender and women issues can specifically benefit as they will be initiated into the fundamental and crucial issues of feminist theories and feminist research. Method and Language of Teaching, Teaching and learning will proceed in a democratic, non-hierarchical and participatory mode. The course will also make appropriate use of audio-visual media for effective communication. Film and slide shows will be arranged to generate interest among the participants around gender and women issues. Marathi/English and Hindi will be the language of instruction. The students will be provided study material and will have access to internet facility available in the School of Social Sciences.

Classes: Two days in a week between 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm


Dr.Shalinee Uttamrao Kadam,
Women’s Studies Centre,
School of Social Sciences,
S.R.T.M.University Nanded-431606.
Cell: 8698963223
Email.ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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