Research and Extension Activities

Recent Research contribution of the school 


P.U.Bhalchandra, et al,  Co- author, “Gold price parameters analysis using ANN”, International Journal of Information Systems, ISSN 2229-5429, impact factor 5.406, 2018.


P.U.Bhalchandra, et al,  Co- author, “Understanding practical green management through energy efficiency awareness in loosely coupled computer environment of SRTM University, Nanded“, Published in UGC approved journal AIIRJ Special Issue No. 26,ISSN 2349-638x ,Impact Factor 4.574, 2018.


Dr. H. S. Fadewar3, Vaijinath V. Bhosle1, Dr.Vrushsen P. Pawar2 ,  Dr. N. S. Zulpe , Multi classification technique for logo based document verification” International Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, Volume XI, Issue XI, Nov. 17,, ISSN 2321-3469, 2017.


Dr. H. S. Fadewar, Wleed Dahaiya,“Multimodal Biometric System: A Review”, International Journal of Research in  Advance Engineering and Technology International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology, ISSN: 2455-0876 Impact Factor: RJIF 5.44 Volume 4; Issue 1; January 2018; Page No. 25-31, 2018.


Nilesh Deshmukh, et al,  co-author “Accuracy Assessment & Analysis of Land Use & Land Cover Classification (LU/LC) Using Machine Learning Algorithm SVM. “pp. 616-622, International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development Volume 4, Issue 10, ISSN  2348-4470,2017.


Nilesh Deshmukh, et al,  co-author “Nature of Water Shortage Issue in Marathwada Case Study of Upper Manar Sub-basin”pp. 825-832, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research Volume 13, Number 5  , ISSN 0973-1873, 2017.

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Dr. G. V. Chowdhary, et al, co-author ,“Comparative Analysis of Clustering Algorithms for Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks”, International Journal of computer and mathematical sciences, volume 6 issue 10, ISBN 978-81-934-288-9-4,2017.


Mr. S.R. Mekewad, et al,   Principal author “Visual Data Mining: A Review”, Elixir International Journal, ISSN: 2229-712X,2017.


Dr. G. V. Chowdhary, et al, co-author “Selection of energy efficient path by applying particle swarm optimisation method in wireless sensor networks”, Inderscience Publishers(IEL), International Journal of Intelligent Systems Design and Computing volume 2 issue 2, Print ISSN: 2052-8477 Online ISSN: 2052-8485, 2018.


A.H.Sable, et al,   Principal author, “An Adaptive Entropy Based Scale Invariant Face Recognition Fa International Journal for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis,  Pleiades Publisher(SCOPUS INDEXED).ce Altered by Plastic Surgery” ISSN: 1054-6618 (Print) 1555-6212 (Online), 2018.


A.H.Sable, et al,   Principal author ,“Adaptive GLOH with PSO-Trained NN for the Recognition of Plastic Surgery Faces and their Types”, Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems (BAMS] - De Gruyter. Accepted for Publication. 2019-04-01. (SCOPUS INDEXED), ISSN :1896-530X, 2019.


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