Administrative Staff List
University Authorities/ Statutory Officers of the University
Sr Name of Statutory Post/ Authorites Name of Officer/ Authorites Gender Date of Joining Post End Date Photo Remarks
1 Vice-Chancellor Udhav Venkatrao Bhosle Male 05-11-2018 04-11-2023    
2 Pro-Vice Chancellor Jogendrasingh Motisingh Bisen Male 06-08-2019 04-11-2023    
3 Registrar Sarjerao Ravanrao Shinde Male 05-09-2019 04-09-2024    
4 Dean, Faculty of Humanities            
5 Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology            
6 Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies            
7 Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies            
8 Director, Board of Examinations & Evaluations Digambar Maloji Netke Male 15-05-2022      
9 Finance & Accounts Officer            
10 Director of Sub-campus of the University @ Latur            
11 Director of Sub-campus of the University @ Parbhani            
12 Director of Innovation, Incubation and Linkages Rajaram Sakharam Mane Male 28-08-2019 27-08-2024    
13 Director Knowledge Resource Center Jagdish Narharrao Kulkarni Male       In charge Director
14 Director of Lifelong Learning and Extension   - - - -  
15 Director of Students' Development       -    
16 Director of Sports and Physical Education            
17 Director of National Service Scheme            


List of Permanent Govt. Aided Non-Teaching Employees of the University
(as per Ascending order of Employee ID's)
Employee ID Name Gender Designation Date of Joining Service Expiry Date Currently Working in Department/ School/ Sub-Campus Photo Remarks 
NT0007 Tulsabai Panditrao Gaikwad Female Peon 30-07-1994 31-08-2025 School of Life Sciences NT0007  
NT0008 Vyankat Prabhu Ramtirthe Male Deputy Registrar 01-11-1994 31-10-2025 Establishment Section NT0008  
NT0009 Sarita Ramakant Yannawar Female Assistant Registrar 01-01-1996 31-12-2026 Academic Planning & Development Section - APDS NT0009  
NT0011 Mohammad Shakeel Abdul Karim Male Accounts Officer 01-01-1996 31-08-2025 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0013 Sikandar Ali Himmatali Shaikh Male Superintendent 01-01-1996 31-08-2026 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0016 Kunda Damodharrao Patil Female Assistant Superintendent 01-01-1996 31-07-2030 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0017 Ram Narayan Karhale Male Assistant Superintendent 01-01-1996 30-04-2024 Establishment Section  
NT0018 Shaikh Shahabuddin Md.Amin Male Assistant Superintendent 01-01-1996 28-02-2029 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0019 Ganesh Marotirao Kondekar Male Assistant Superintendent 01-01-1996 31-07-2026 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0020 Sunil Tukaram Dhale Male Assistant Superintendent (Accounts) 01-01-1996 30-06-2028 Accounts (Scholarship) Section  
NT0021 Shyam Bharatrao Dakore Male Superitendant (Accounts) 01-01-1996 31-05-2026 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0023 Sudhir Ganpatrao Zangade Male Assistant Superintendent (Accounts) 01-01-1996 31-12-2027 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0024 Ajaykumar Jyotiram Kate Male Assistant Superintendent 01-01-1996 30-09-2029 Accounts (Bills) Section  
NT0025 Gopal Kondaji Bokhare Male Assistant Superintendent 01-01-1996 31-05-2024 Establishment Section  
NT0027 Sanjaysingh Gajrajsingh Thakur Male Senior Clerk 01-01-1996 31-08-2027 Sports & Physical Education Department  
NT0028 Deelip Wamanrao Patil Male Assistant Registrar 02-01-1996 31-05-2025 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0029 Vikas Shankarrao Jadhav Male Cashier 01-01-1996 30-04-2025 Accounts (Bills) Section  
NT0032 Rekha Dharmaji Lokhande Female Senior Clerk 02-01-1996 30-06-2029 Eligibility Section  
NT0033 Sunil Sitaram Rawale Male Senior Clerk 02-01-1996 31-12-2030 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0035 Vijaykumar Gangaram Kadam Male Assistant Superintendent 02-01-1996 31-12-2028 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0036 Pandit Baburao Mane Male Assistant Superintendent 03-01-1996 31-10-2028 Academic - Approval Section  
NT0037 Vitthal Laxmanrao Navale Male Assistant Superintendent 03-01-1996 28-02-2029 Examination Department - Interdisciplinary Faculty Section  
NT0038 Purushottam Arvindrao Kulkarni Male Assistant Registrar 04-01-1996 30-04-2024 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0039 Ravi Bhaurao Moharir Male Assistant Registrar 04-01-1996 31-10-2027 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0040 Hanmanthappa Ramchandrappa Dongre Male Assistant Superintendent 04-01-1996 30-06-2028 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0041 Siddiqkhan Sherkhan Pathan Male Driver 09-01-1996 30-04-2024 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0042 Balasaheb Ramrao Borwandkar Male Assistant Superintendent (Accounts) 09-01-1996 30-06-2028 Accounts (Salary) Section  
NT0043 Syed Khaja Moinuddin Syed Afzal Male Laboratory Assistant 11-01-1996 30-06-2027 School of Life Sciences  
NT0045 Dharmapuri Rajesham Konka Male Stenographer (Higher Grade) 12-01-1996 31-05-2028 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0046 Pandu Madhavrao Suryawanshi Male Garden Assistant 15-01-1996 31-08-2027 Garden Section  
NT0047 Kalba Shankarrao Hanwate Female Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 30-06-2028 Examination Department - Comm. & Mgt. Faculty Section  
NT0048 Devrao Bhagwanrao Hambarde Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 30-06-2032 School of Social Sciences  
NT0049 Udhav Namdeorao Hambarde Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 30-04-2034 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0051 Pandurang Wamanrao Pawde Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 30-06-2026 Examination Department - Comm. & Mgt. Faculty Section  
NT0054 Anil Sambha Sonkamble Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 30-09-2029 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0056 Mohan Digambarrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 15-01-1996 31-03-2033 Director, BOEE Office (Exam Dept.)  
NT0057 Vishnu Shrirangrao Bhusare Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 31-07-2028 Distance Education Department  
NT0058 Lakshminarayan Narasayya Peruka Male Sweeper 15-01-1996 30-11-2026 Garden Section  
NT0059 Sambhaji Nagnath Dhanmane Male Mali 15-01-1996 31-01-2034 Garden Section  
NT0060 Rajesh Bhagatram Bhumak Male Sweeper 15-01-1996 31-05-2035 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0062 Shaikh Rafik Hannumiya Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 31-12-2026 School of Management, Latur Sub-Centre  
NT0063 Sajedullakhan Mustafakhan Pathan Male Senior Clerk 16-01-1996 31-05-2024 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0064 Trimbak Sambhaji Awad Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 29-02-2032 PVC OFFICE - Hon. Pro Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0065 Muntajboddin Biyabini Male Senior Clerk 15-01-1996 31-01-2025 Academic - Approval Section  
NT0066 Mohan Vithalrao Kirde Male Senior Clerk 16-01-1996 31-08-2024 Academic Planning & Development Section - APDS  
NT0068 Ashok Baburao Mandumale Male Junior Clerk 16-01-1996 31-03-2028 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0069 Dilip Bhaurao Padghan Male Senior Clerk 16-01-1996 30-06-2024 Accounts (Salary) Section  
NT0070 Manik Piraji Rakhonde Male Junior Clerk 16-01-1996 31-05-2024 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0071 Maroti Dhavji Chavan Male Assistant Superintendent 17-01-1996 31-05-2027 Examination Department - Humanities Faculty Section  
NT0072 Jamal Bahadur Patel Male Peon 17-01-1996 31-05-2028 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0073 Dnyanoba Gurunath Pawar Male Junior Clerk 16-01-1996 31-05-2024 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0075 Balaji Gyanoba Bogar Male Senior Clerk 18-01-1996 31-07-2028 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0076 Shamrao Shasherao Hambarde Male Peon 18-01-1996 31-05-2026 Director, BOEE Office (Exam Dept.)  
NT0077 Narayan Sambhaji Tidke Male Senior Clerk 19-01-1996 31-07-2024 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0078 Ashok Pralhadrao Mundhe Male Senior Clerk 24-01-1996 31-12-2024 Academic - BOS Section  
NT0079 Hemlata Prabhakarrao Patil Female Senior Clerk 15-02-1996 31-08-2027 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0080 Mohandas Rohidas Kamble Male Junior Clerk 15-03-1996 30-06-2024 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0083 Vasudha Dnyanoba Kodgire Female Culturist 22-04-1997 30-11-2027 School of Life Sciences  
NT0084 Anirudha Madhukarrao Rahegaonkar Male Superintendent 28-04-1997 31-03-2031 Establishment Section  
NT0085 Sanjaykumar Narharrao Gajre Male Superintendent 29-04-1997 28-02-2025 Academic Planning & Development Section - APDS  
NT0088 Mahesh Sudhakarrao Kulkarni Male Senior Programmer 07-05-1997 31-08-2029 Convocation Section  
NT0091 Ramkishan Namdedrao Adude Male Chemical Analyst 02-06-1997 30-06-2029 School of Chemical Sciences  
NT0093 Ramesh Devising Rajput Male Assistant Superintendent 28-07-1997 31-03-2026 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0095 Govind Babanrao Katalakute Male Deputy Finance & Accounts Officer 10-11-1997 29-02-2028 Finance & Account Officer Office  On Lien
NT0096 Ajay Arjunrao Darshankar Male System Expert 05-12-1997 31-07-2025 Computer Centre/ Technical Assistance Centre  
NT0097 Meghsham Wamanrao Salunke Male Deputy Registrar 22-07-1998 30-04-2026 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0098 Husharshing Shankarsingh Sable Male Deputy Registrar 22-07-1998 31-12-2026 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0099 Shivaji Kishanrao Hambarde Male Cashier 22-07-1998 31-01-2025 Accounts (Bills) Section  
NT0100 Rajesh Deorao Kale Male Senior Library Assistant 23-07-1998 30-09-2024 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0101 Ganesh Narayanrao Lathkar Male Senior Library Assistant 23-07-1998 30-11-2025 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0102 Suresh Deorao Narwade Male Senior Programmer 24-07-1998 30-06-2027 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0103 Arun Bhimrao Hambarde Male Junior Library Assistant 23-07-1998 28-02-2037 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0104 Prabhuappa Kallappa Kanade Male Draftsman 24-07-1998 31-10-2034 Engineering Civil Section  
NT0105 Venkatesh Govindrao Nagargoje Male Store Keeper 03-08-1998 31-01-2026 Accounts (Estate) Section  
NT0106 Sharifoddin Bashiroddin Saudagar Male Plumber 15-01-1996 30-09-2027 Engineering Civil Section  
NT0107 Venkatrao Panditrao Panchal Male Carpenter 17-01-1996 30-06-2024 Engineering Civil Section  
NT0108 Govind Ramrao Aindwad Male Laboratory Technician 01-02-1999 31-07-2030 School of Physical Sciences  
NT0109 Umesh Manikrao Raut Male Driver 01-02-1999 31-10-2031 Establishment Section (Estt)  
NT0110 Prakash Mohan Kandhare Male Driver 01-02-1999 31-03-2029 Establishment Section  
NT0111 Shavaji Manikrao Hunde Male Driver 01-02-1999 30-06-2033 Registrar Office  
NT0112 Rajanand Dattatraya Kajbe Male Senior Wireman 10-02-1999 30-09-2031 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0113 Keshav Madhavrao Gawale Male Personal Assistant 01-01-1996 31-07-2031 PVC OFFICE - Hon. Pro Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0114 Arun Madhavrao Dhakde Male Deputy Engineer (Electrical) 08-07-1999 31-12-2036 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0115 Sudhakar Devidas Shinde Male Senior Clerk 12-07-1999 31-01-2025 Engineering Civil Section  
NT0116 Ramchandra Pandurang Shembole Male Assistant Superintendent 12-07-1999 30-09-2024 Establishment Section  
NT0117 Vithal Taterao Hambarde Male Senior Clerk 12-07-1999 31-08-2027 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0118 Govind Sopanrao Biradar Male Senior Clerk 12-07-1999 31-05-2028 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0119 Jaya Arunrao Deshmukh Female Senior Clerk 12-07-1999 30-04-2028 Academic - Approval Section  
NT0120 Sunita Govindrao Shinde Female Senior Clerk 12-07-1999 30-04-2030 Academic - Approval Section  
NT0122 Sunil Laxmanrao Bawale Male Senior Clerk 12-07-1999 30-04-2028 Special Cell  
NT0123 Mahesh Harishchandra Tribhuwan Male Deputy Registrar 14-07-1999 30-09-2024 Academic - Approval Section  
NT0124 Shivkanta Irba Tamboli Female Assistant Superintendent 16-07-1999 30-06-2033 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0125 Rajesh Madhavrao Gawale Male Senior Library Assistant 17-07-1999 31-12-2029 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0127 Maroti Dattatraya Waghmare Male Junior Telephone Operator 19-07-1999 30-06-2029 Establishment Section  
NT0128 Ravindra Nagnathrao Ganjewar Male Assistant Record Keeper 19-07-1999 30-04-2036 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0129 Jaikishan Rajbeer Bagadi Male Sanitory Inspector 19-07-1999 30-04-2031 House Keeping  
NT0130 Mahamaya Tryambakrao Kadam Female Senior Clerk 19-07-1999 28-02-2027 Eligibility Section  
NT0131 Shivram Tukaram Lute Male Record Keeper 19-07-1999 30-04-2031 Convocation Section  
NT0132 Tukaram Kishanrao Hambarde Male Sweeper 19-07-1999 31-05-2034 Department of National Service Scheme - NSS  
NT0133 Afroj Hamidkhan Pathan   Junior Clerk 19-07-1999 28-02-2034 Dean Office - HUMANITIES  
NT0134 Balaji Narayan Panchal Male Junior Clerk 19-07-1999 31-07-2027 Accounts (Estate) Section  
NT0135 Dharmraj Shrinewas Kolshikwar Male Junior Clerk 19-07-1999 29-02-2032 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0136 Chandrakalabai Laxman Ingale Female Sweeper 19-07-1999 28-02-2027 Academic - BOS Section  
NT0137 Pandurang Jalba Govinde Male Sweeper 19-07-1999 30-06-2027    
NT0138 Kavita Govindrao Gurdhalkar Female Junior Clerk 21-07-1999 30-04-2028 Academic Planning & Development Section - APDS  
NT0139 Ayubminya Ibrahimsab Shaikh Male Junior Clerk 09-08-1999 30-06-2029 National Service Scheme Department - NSS  
NT0140 Milind Jalbaji Hatkar Male Senior Clerk 07-06-2001 30-04-2026 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0141 Tukaram Chimanaji Bhurke Male Superintendent 08-06-2001 31-07-2033 Academic - BOS Section  
NT0142 Vilas Punjaramji Salve Male Senior Programmer 07-06-2001 31-08-2030 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0143 Saylu Ramlu Narod Male Junior Library Assistant 11-06-2001 31-03-2033 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0145 Raju Ramchandra Shere Male Culturist 01-07-2002 30-06-2032 School of Life Sciences  
NT0146 Ravi Niwrattirao Sarode Male Deputy Registrar 21-04-2003 30-06-2029    
NT0147 Aziz Khan Mansab Khan Pathan Male Junior Clerk 21-12-2005 30-06-2032    
NT0148 Ramdas Dhondiram Salunke Male Stenographer (Higher Grade) 28-02-2006 30-06-2033    
NT0149 Raju Kashinathappa Dyade Male Statistician 28-02-2006 31-07-2026 Special Cell  
NT0150 Anju Goverdhan Nilawar Female Superintendent 17-11-2006 30-11-2037 Examination Department - Humanities Faculty Section  
NT0152 Prakash Maroti Mupade Male Senior Clerk 10-11-2009 30-06-2038 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0153 Suresh Shankar Shivratri Male Senior Clerk 14-12-2009 30-06-2028 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0154 Dinesh Gurushant Ningdalli Male Data Operator 18-01-2010 31-07-2032 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0156 Deepak Kishanrao Dudhale Male Cashier 10-03-2010 31-05-2038 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0157 Manoj Arunrao Deshmukh Male Senior Clerk 23-04-2010 30-04-2032 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0158 Jayesh Vasantrao Choudhary Male Senior Clerk 23-04-2010 31-10-2032 Establishment Section  
NT0159 Naresh Venkatrao Pingle Male Senior Clerk 23-04-2010 31-07-2028 Accounts (Salary) Section  
NT0160 Shaikh Jilani Shaikh Mahetab Male Senior Clerk 23-04-2010 30-04-2028 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0161 Abhay Ashokrao Joshi Male Senior Clerk 23-04-2010 31-05-2034 Accounts (Salary) Section  
NT0162 Bhagwan Babarao Barse Male Peon 23-04-2010 31-05-2031 Dean Office - Faculty of HUMANITIES  
NT0165 Anil Vithalrao Kalaskar Male Senior Programmer 29-07-2010 31-10-2030 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0166 Ashok Sakharam Kadam Male Public Relation Officer 03-08-2010 31-05-2028 Public Relations Office - PRO Office  
NT0170 Shivling Shankarrao Patil Male System Expert 31-05-2011 30-09-2034 Computer Centre/ Technical Assistance Centre  
NT0171 Sunil Sahebrao Jadhav Male System Expert 01-06-2011 30-06-2036 Computer Centre/ Technical Assistance Centre  
NT0172 Laxmikant Vasantrao Aglawe Male Stenographer (Higher Grade) 07-06-2011 30-11-2027 Registrar Office  
NT0173 Sarika Bhagwanrao Dumore Female Senior Programmer 08-06-2011 31-03-2041 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0174 Kailash Bhimrao Pupalwad Male Stenographer (Higher Grade) 16-06-2011 30-06-2036 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0175 Digambar Madhavrao Tangalwad Male Assistant Registrar 14-07-2011 31-05-2037 Special Cell  
NT0176 Tanaji Sugandharao Hussekar Male Deputy Engineer (Civil) 22-07-2011 31-01-2029 Engineering Civil Section  
NT0177 Hiraman Abasaheb Waghmare Male Junior Engineer (Civil) 27-07-2011 31-12-2042 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0178 Shrikant Ganpatrao Andhare Male Deputy Registrar 29-07-2011 28-02-2030 Accounts (Estate) Section  
NT0180 Ramdas Dattaram Pedewad Male Assistant Registrar 01-08-2011 31-05-2033 Meetings and Election Cell  
NT0181 Jyoti Angadrao Badgire Female Junior Engineer (Electrical) 01-08-2011 31-05-2042 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0182 Santoshkumar Gundoba Gaikwad Male Stenographer (Higher Grade) 04-08-2011 30-06-2040 Meetings and Election Cell  
NT0184 Rajasaheb Khanderao Borale Male Draftsman 22-08-2011 30-04-2041 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0185 Surekha Shreechakradhar Mungal Female Medical Officer 21-11-2011 31-12-2036 Health Centre  
NT0186 Devidas Marotrao Hambarde Male A.C.Technician 03-01-2012 30-04-2032 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0187 Jagdish Maroti Chitte Male Junior Telephone Operator 03-01-2012 31-10-2039 Accounts (Estate) Section  
NT0188 Shaikh Ahmed Nisar Shaik Hmiskin Male Head Mali 03-01-2012 31-03-2044 Garden Section  
NT0189 Dipak Baburao Hambarde Male Lift Man 03-01-2012 31-05-2044 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0190 Gangadhar Narayanrao Gunderao Male Lift Man 04-01-2012 31-05-2036 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0191 Santosh Laxmanrao Padme Male Electric Inspector 09-01-2012 30-06-2035 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0192 Sanjay Dashrath Jadhav Male Electric Inspector 10-01-2012 30-06-2035 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0193 Baburao Manikrao Hambarde Male Lineman 19-03-2012 31-01-2033 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0194 Ramrao Balajirao Kalyankar Male Lineman 19-03-2012 30-04-2047 Engineering Electrical Section  
NT0195 Udhav Venkati Satpute Male Wireman 19-03-2012 30-04-2041 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0196 Bharat Eknath Gawali Male Record Keeper 20-03-2012 31-01-2033 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0197 Bandu Rajaram Kamble Male Assistant Record Keeper 21-03-2012 31-05-2031 Examination Department - Humanities Faculty Section  
NT0198 Jitendersingh Kundansingh Siledar Male Electrician 22-03-2012 30-06-2030 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0199 Mahendra Kashiram Sarkate Male Electrician 24-03-2012 31-01-2042 Engineering Section (Electrical)  
NT0200 Govind Parasram Sontakke Male Pump Operator 04-04-2012 31-12-2040 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0201 Uttam Maroti Sawane Male Carpenter Assistant 11-04-2012 31-07-2032 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0202 Pritam Shrikishan Bharadiya Male Garden Superintendant 30-04-2012 31-01-2038 Garden Section  
NT0203 Ravikiran Suryabhan Shinde Male Data Operator 01-06-2012 30-06-2040 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0204 Deepak Prabhakarrao Rapatwar Male Computer Operator 01-06-2012 30-06-2039 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0205 Kaleshwar Dnyaneshwar Hambarde Male Library Attendant 01-06-2012 31-08-2041 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0206 Abdul Basheer Abdul Majeed Male Data Operator 04-06-2012 31-03-2036 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0207 Sandeep Ashokrao Dahale Male Library Attendant 05-06-2012 31-08-2045 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0208 Ravi Pandurang Pawar Male Library Attendant 05-06-2012 31-03-2048 School of Pharmacy  
NT0209 Savita Marotrao Bhise Female Library Attendant 05-06-2012 30-06-2044 School of Earth Sciences  
NT0210 Shashikant Pandurang Lohbande Male Library Attendant 06-06-2012 30-04-2040 School of Pharmacy  
NT0211 Aniruddha Sudhakarrao Pimpalgaonkar Male Data Operator 08-06-2012 31-07-2036 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0212 Shivaji Dhondiba Chandane Male Senior Clerk 08-06-2012 30-04-2041 Establishment Section  
NT0213 Pawan Nivratti Hatkar Female Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 31-01-2032 School of Mathematical Sciences  
NT0214 Santosh Babarao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 30-11-2039 Law Section  
NT0215 Shivaji Marotrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 31-01-2042 Sports & Physical Education Department  
NT0216 Ramdas Govindrao Khokale Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 31-05-2040 Public Relations Office - PRO Office  
NT0217 Sandeep Radhakishanrao Takankhar Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 31-10-2039 Computer Centre/ Technical Assistance Centre  
NT0218 Manik Chandu Jadhav Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 31-10-2034 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0219 Gulab Vitthalrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 31-05-2042 Guest House  
NT0220 Prakash Damu Pawar Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 30-06-2031 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0221 Tukaram Bhaurao Barse Male Junior Clerk 08-06-2012 30-04-2042 Central Inward-Outward Section  
NT0222 Balasaheb Gangadharrao More Male Peon 08-06-2012 30-04-2038 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0223 Balaji Vaijnath Gholak Male Junior Clerk 12-06-2012 31-05-2035 Eligibility Section  
NT0224 Sandeep Uttamrao Lute Male Senior Clerk 25-06-2012 31-07-2040 Examination Department - Humanities Faculty Section  
NT0225 Anita Gopinathrao Kautkar Female Junior Clerk 25-06-2012 31-03-2034 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0226 Ashatai Vijay Jadhav Female Senior Clerk 25-06-2012 30-06-2036 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0227 Pandurang Gangadhar Itewad Male Peon 25-06-2012 28-02-2035 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0228 Santosh Tanaji Jogdand Male Peon 25-06-2012 31-03-2043 Examination Department - Humanities Faculty Section  
NT0229 Kishor Govindrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 25-06-2012 31-10-2037 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0230 Surendra Bhaguram Tidke Male Peon 25-06-2012 31-05-2042 School of Social Sciences, Latur Sub-Centre  
NT0231 Digambar Munjaji Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 25-06-2012 30-06-2039 Establishment Section  
NT0232 Shankar Namdevrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 25-06-2012 29/02/2042 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0233 Dilip Maroti Chitte Male Junior Clerk 25-06-2012 31-05-2032 Dean Office -INTER DISCIPLINARY  
NT0234 Sandeep Nivrutti Edke Male Junior Clerk 25-06-2012 28-02-2048 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair & Study Centre  
NT0235 Simantini Shailesh Rahatikar Female Junior Clerk 26-06-2012 30-06-2041 Establishment Section (Estt)  
NT0236 Rajesh Shivajirao Naik Male Peon 26-06-2012 31-05-2042 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0237 Varshatai Hanumantrao Ghogare Female Peon 26-06-2012 31-03-2050 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0238 Ravindra Kashinath Maid Male Peon 26-06-2012 31-10-2043 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0239 Balaji Uttamrao Shinde Male Peon 26-06-2012 30-06-2032 Department of Students' Development - DSD  
NT0240 Jaya Prakash Buktare Female Peon 26-06-2012 31-07-2033 Academic Planning & Development Section - APDS  
NT0241 Ramesh Chandrakantrao Rawangaonkar Male Peon 26-06-2012 30-04-2044 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0242 Santosh Sahebrao Dhamane Male Peon 26-06-2012 31-03-2047 Sub-Centre, Parbhani  
NT0243 Sambhaji Pandurang Choudhari Male Peon 26-06-2012 31-07-2044 New Model Degree College, Hingoli  
NT0244 Baby Vitthalrao Shinde Female Peon 26-06-2012 30-04-2049 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0245 Sandip Purbhaji Bhosle Male Senior Clerk 26-06-2012 31-03-2040 INNOVATION, INCUBATION & LINKAGES OFFICE - IIL  
NT0247 Jyoti Prakash Chittare Female Junior Clerk 27-06-2012 31-05-2035 Convocation Section  
NT0248 Ashish Dhondiram Dahale Male Computer Operator 28-06-2012 29-02-2044 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0249 Sangita Rajaram Totalwar Female Junior Clerk 28-06-2012 30-04-2038 Garden Section  
NT0250 Shilpa Shankarrao Sarpate Female Junior Clerk 28-06-2012 31-07-2041 IQAC-NAAC CELL  
NT0251 Anutai Balaji Devashatwar Female Peon 28-06-2012 30-11-2049 School of Mathematical Sciences  
NT0252 Dayanand Shivajirao Popale Male Peon 29-06-2012 30-06-2032 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  
NT0253 Ganesh Hari Pawar Male Peon 29-06-2012 31-07-2049 School of Computational Sciences  
NT0254 Madhuri Shivajirao Dhond Female Peon 29-06-2012 30-06-2030 School of Pharmacy  
NT0255 Sangeeta Balaji Tidke Female Peon 03-07-2012 31-08-2037 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0256 Gajanan Kerba Sathe Male Peon 03-07-2012 31-12-2044 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0257 Pallavi Arun Kurude Female Peon 04-07-2012 28-02-2047 Establishment Section  
NT0258 Laxman Marotrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 12-07-2012 30-06-2025 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0259 Sudhakar Dagdiba Nagre Male Junior Clerk 12-07-2012 31-07-2040 Establishment Section  
NT0260 Ram Babarao Kirkan Male Junior Clerk 12-07-2012 31-07-2039 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0261 Gangadhar Devidasrao Hambarde Male Peon 12-07-2012 31-01-2039 International Students' Center (ISC)  
NT0262 Vinayak Sambhaji Jadhav Male Junior Clerk 12-07-2012 30-04-2042 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0263 Bhagwan Devrao Rokade Male Peon 12-07-2012 31-07-2038 Establishment Section (Estt)  
NT0264 Kapil Anandrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 12-07-2012 30-04-2045 Registrar Office  
NT0265 Shankarsingh Kesharsingh Bhamta Male Peon 12-07-2012 30-06-2043 Computer Centre  
NT0266 Khemsingh Rekhasingh Pujari Male Peon 12-07-2012 30-06-2045 Registrar Office  
NT0267 Jayram Madhavrao Hambarde Male Junior Clerk 12-07-2012 31-05-2045 School of Commerce & Management Sciences  
NT0268 Madhav Balaji Jaybhaye Male Peon 14-07-2012 31-12-2038 School of Management, Latur Sub-Centre  
NT0269 Subhash Dnyanoba Wanje Male Peon 18-07-2012 28-02-2033 Director, BOEE Office  
NT0270 Sanjay Nagorao Choudante Male Junior Clerk 16-08-2012 31-05-2031 School of Pharmacy  
NT0272 Sunil Digambar Kambale Male Peon 17-08-2012 30-06-2045 PVC OFFICE - Hon. Pro Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0273 Achut Balasaheb Panchal Male Peon 21-08-2012 31-08-2046 School of Physical Sciences  
NT0274 Govind Dattaram Hambarde Male Senior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-05-2035 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0275 Harishkumar Pandurang Patil Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-03-2031 Establishment Section  
NT0276 Nagesh Rangnathrao Khadkekar Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-12-2035 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0277 Dnyaneshwar Raghunathrao Puyad Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-04-2041 School of Fine & Performing Arts  
NT0278 Suresh Venkatrao Deshmukh Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-01-2040 Examination Department - Humanities Faculty Section  
NT0279 Jayshri Chandrakantrao Mhaisekar Female Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-05-2036 Establishment Section  
NT0280 Suhasini Jagannath Dhage Female Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-05-2041 Sub-Centre, Parbhani  
NT0281 Ujwala Venkatrao Hambarde Female Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-08-2036 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0282 Santosh Vishwantah Dapke Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-04-2039 School of Social Sciences, Latur Sub-Centre  
NT0283 Shobha Kerba Kawale Female Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-01-2038 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0284 Jalindar Sambhaji Gaikwad Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-01-2030 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0285 Ramesh Dattoba Gandle Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-07-2026 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0286 Sandeep Rajaram Kamble Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-04-2042 Examination Department - Computer Section  
NT0287 Vijay Chokhaji Achalkhamb Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-04-2033 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CENTRE  
NT0288 Balasaheb Ramrao Kamble Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-10-2039 School of Pharmacy  
NT0289 Purushottam Ramchandra Pallewad Male Senior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-08-2047 Establishment Section  
NT0290 Arjun Ramchandrarao Panjol Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-04-2034 Accounts (Estate) Section  
NT0291 Savita Udhav Satpute Female Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-09-2039 Examination Department - Sci. & Tech. Faculty Section  
NT0292 Narayan Laxman Gore Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-06-2031 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0293 Suresh Namdevrao Yelgate Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 30-06-2032 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0294 Syyed Ayub Syyed Abdul Quader Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-03-2038 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0295 Sanjay Haribhau Dake Male Junior Clerk 13-09-2012 31-12-2038 Sub-Centre, Parbhani  
NT0296 Rupali Diliprao Dahale Female Junior Clerk 14-09-2012 31-01-2050 Sub-Centre, Parbhani  
NT0298 Akanksha Anant Malegaonkar Female Junior Clerk 20-09-2012 31-01-2046 Dean Office - Faculty of SCIENCE & TEECHNOLOGY  
NT0300 Devidas Sakharam Gondhalkar Male Junior Clerk 21-09-2012 31-10-2037 Sub-Centre, Parbhani  
NT0301 Madhukar Uttamrao Alse Male Junior Clerk 25-09-2012 30-06-2044 Registrar Office  
NT0302 Rajendra Sambhajirao Tahade Male Junior Clerk 26-09-2012 31-08-2032 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0303 Pandurang Balajirao Vaijwade Male Junior Clerk 01-10-2012 31-10-2036 Meeting and Election Cell  
NT0304 Rajendra Tulshiram Boyane Male Peon 05-11-2012 30-06-2036 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0306 Sandeep Bapurao Nandgaonkar Male Junior Clerk 27-11-2012 30-04-2035 PG Section (Post Graduate/ Ph.D. Section)  
NT0309 Leena Manish Kamble Female System Expert 15-01-2014 31-08-2034 Academic - Affiliation Section  
NT0310 Shahaji Ravsaheb Hambarde Male Senior Wireman 03-01-2012 28-02-2038 Engineering Electrical Section  
NT0312 Ganpat Laxmanrao Lute Male Supervisor (Construction) 22-08-2014 31-03-2034 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0313 Keshav Manikrao Kalyankar Male Supervisor (Construction) 23-08-2014 31-03-2035 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0314 Akshaykumar Kashinathrao Kamble Male Lineman 23-08-2014 28-02-2050 Sub-Centre, Latur  
NT0315 Sudhir Nivratirao Gaulkar Male Supervisor (Construction) 01-03-2004 31-07-2034 Engineering Section (Civil)  
NT0316 Nilesh Bhimrao Hambarde Male Stenographer (Lower Grade) 26-08-2014 30-09-2042 Finance & Account Officer Office  
NT0317 Santosh Kisanrao Chavhan Male Stenographer (Higher Grade) 28-08-2014 30-09-2046 VC OFFICE - Hon. Vice-Chancellors Office  
NT0319 Durgadas Babanrao Rokade Male Pump Operator 12-09-2014 30-11-2046 Establishment Section (Estt)  
NT0327 Jyoti Balaji Kubde Female Peon 01-07-2019 31-12-2043 Eligibility Section  
NT0328 Rupali Madhav Deshmukh Female Peon 01-07-2019 30-06-2036 Accounts (Estate) Section  
NT0329 Shital Achutrao Ban Female Peon 01-07-2019 30-06-2049 HOSTEL (Girls/ Womens)  
NT0335 Suman Nandkishor Losarwar Female Peon 26-02-2022 29/02/2027 Establishment Section  
TG0025 Jagdish Narharrao Kulkarni Male Assistant Librarian 22-07-1996 31-01-2032 Knowledge Resource Centre - KRC (Central Library)  

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