Dr Omprakash Shrinivas Yemul

Dr Omprakash Shrinivas Yemul

Associate Profesor

School of Chemical Sciences

S.R.T.M.University, Nanded – 431 606

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Personal & Academic Information:
Date of Birth: 14-Dec-70
Qualification: B Sc Chemistry (1991), M Sc Chemistry (1993), Ph D (1998) Chemistry
Specialization: Polymer chemistry
Teaching Experience: PG: 09
Courses taught till date M Sc Chemistry (Polymer chemistry courses, M Phil chemistry
Summary of Academic Career

Nineteen years experience in design synthesis, characterization and applications of polymers for various applications. Development of Industrial technology for biobased materials. Industrial consultancy for chemical process. Teaching chemistry (polymer chemistry) to post graduate (PG) students using ICT. Developed Choice Based Credit System curriculum for PG (chemistry) with advanced topics like renewable resources based material, green chemistry and laboratory and industrial safety.

Thrust Areas of Research: Biodegradable polymers, compostable polymers, edible polymers and nanomaterials
Research Publications:   SCI                                   : 45
SCOPUS                           : 23
Web of Science                : 40
UGC                                  : 43
Others                              : 30
Conference Proceedings : 38
Paper Presentations:  35
Book Publications:   Book Chapter        : 2
Books with ISBN   : 2
Books edited         : 1
Research Guidance: Ph.D.   :  Awarded -   2           Registered - 1
Research Projects:    Completed   : 05
Total Outlay : 175
Selected Publications
  • Biodegradable Biobased Epoxy Resin from Karanja Oil Aparna Kadam, Manisha Pawar , Omprakash Yemul, Viresh Thamke and Kisan Kodam Polymer (2015), 72, 82 - 92.
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Rigid Polyurethane Foams from Algae Oil using Biobased Chain Extenders Manisha Pawar, Aparna Kadam, Bhaskar Dawane and Omprakash Yemul Polymer Bulletin (2016) 25(1), 59 - 68
  • Development of polyetheramide based corrosion protectivepolyurethane coating from mahua oil Manisha S. Pawar, Aparna S. Kadam, Omprakash S. Yemul Progress in Organic Coatings 89 (2015) 143–149
  • Rigid polyurethane foams from cottonseed oil using bio‑based chain extenders: a renewable approach Manisha S. Pawar, Aparna S. Kadam, Pratiksha C. Singh, Vipul V. Kusumkar, Omprakash S. Yemul Iran Polym J 25(1), (2015) 59 - 68.
  • Biodegradable bioepoxy resins based on epoxidized natural oil (cottonseed & algae) cured with citric and tartaric acids through solution polymerization: A renewable approach Aparna Kadam, Manisha Pawar, Omprakash Yemul, Viresh Thamke, Kisan Kodam Industrial Crops and Products 89 (2016) 434–447.
  • Polyester Amide based Polyurethane Coatings from Algae Oil and their Larvicidal, Anti-Ant Properties Aparna S. Kadam, Manisha S. Pawar, Viresh R. Thamke and Omprakash Yemul Progress in Organic Coatings vol 107, page 43 - 47 June 2017 DOI: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2017.03.013.
Resource Person:
Invited Talks:    International : 35
National         : 25
State Level    : 14
Guest Lectures:  9
Chaired Sessions:  2
Positions Held:

Head Polymer chemistry

Consultancy guidelines committee member

Editor SRTMU's Research journal of Science

Co-coordinator Social awareness programme on biodegradable rakhi

INSPIRE Science camp, Children science programme,

Subject expert for selection of FIP teacher for Ph D study (2013).

Subject expert for Avishkar University level Science competition 2012 and 2017, for Anveshan University level Science competition (2014).

Vice-chancellor nominee for selection of assistant professor Chemistry at Udigiri college (2014).

Organiser International Conferences (ICRINT 2013) workshop on Nanotechnology in January 2013 SRTMUN Nanded

Chairman, Patent guidelines committee of SRTM University (2014).

Member, Innovative research programme (2014)

Member, IQAC-NAAC Cell member (2014).

Co-coordinator, Children Science Congress 2014 and DST-INSPIRE Science camp (2015).

Founding member for SRTMU Google Chemistry group to help students for latest scientific information, jobs, fellowships, carrier guidance etc (2012).

Industrial training to applied chemistry students in industry (Supreme Silicones Aurangabad) for 10 days. (2012).

Co-ordinator, Patent workshop at SRTM University Nanded (2012).

Co-ordinator, Industry-University linkage workshop at SRTMUN (2016).

Co-ordinator, patent/consultancy.(2019)

Co-ordinator innovation and best practices (2019)
Administration: Incharge Director
Association with various organizations: 19
Corporate responsibilities:

Reviewer research journals. International, National

Journal of Polymer Science Part A (Polymer Chemistry, European Polymer Journal

Polymer Journal of Surface Science & Technology

Bulletin of Material Research Society

Indian Journal of Chemistry

Journal of Indian Chemical Society

Industrial Crops & Products

Polymer Bulletin

Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Progress in Organic coatings

eXPRESS Polymer Letter

External referee for Ph D thesis evaluation

  1. Ac-CSIR National Chemical Laboratory Pune (Two)
  2. Osmania University (One)
  3. Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune (Three)


External examiner/referee for M Sc curriculum

  1. School of Chemicals Sciences SRTMUN M Sc Polymer chemistry Year II from 2011 onwards till date
  2. School of Chemical Sciences North Maharashtra University Jalgaon M Sc Year II from 2012 to 2016
  3. Institute for Science Aurangabad (B Sc Polymer chemistry) from 2013 till 2017.
  4. School of Chemical Sciences Solapur University Soalpur M Sc Year II from 2018 till date.
Extension/Outreach Activities:

Social Awareness about Biodegradable Polymer from vegetable oil (New innovation developed by SRTM University Nanded)

SRTM University has participated in Bio Energy Urja Utsav’ on 7th and 8th-July 2017 at Shiv Chhatrapati Kridanagari, Balewadi, Pune by showcasing its research strength. Products developed in the university such as vegetable oil based polymers, foam, thin film etc were exhibited at the stall. Wood pyrolysis oil to biodiesel, edible thin film and products were also displayed in the posters showing details of researched products.

Rakhis from Biodegradable polymer

A unique environmental friendly Rakhi has been developed by SRTM University Nanded from non-edible oil. Special features of Rakhi are such as prepared from vegetable oil as alternative source to petroleum source, 100% bio based materials, Biodegradable in limited time, Biocompatible, Non-toxic in nature and environmental friendly. These Rakhis have been gifted on 4th-Aug-2017 to Nagarjuna School Nanded and Kids Kingdom School Nanded to spread the awareness of biodegradable materials, its advantages.
Honors /Awards received:

Senior research fellow CSIR New Delhi (1996)

Visiting scholarship (Clemson University USA) (2001)

JSPS fellow, Nagoya University Nagoya Japan (2001)

21st Centaury CoE Japan fellowship (Japan) (2002)

Certificate of appreciation for patenting research work from SRTM University Nanded (2013)

Best Research Scientist by GOLD-CT-2014 International Conference NMU Jalgaon (2014)

Innovative Research Award in Polymer Sciences (2014)
Programs organized/attended:   
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops etc organised:  10
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops etc attended:   35
Patents Information: 
Patents Filed: International:    03                           National: 19
Patents Granted: International:    03                           National: 14

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