Interactive Sessions:

1) Women, Gender and Morality: The Centre organized interactive session on Women, Gender and Morality. Prof. Wandana sonalkar Director, Women’s Studies Centre, BabaSaheb Ambedkar University, Aurangabad was the key speaker of the session. The focus was on understanding this theme among cross section of people including Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, higher caste and class in Marathwada region.

2) Dalit Feminism: The Centre invited Pushpesh Kumar from Department of Sociology, University of Hyderabad to interact with the students of Certificate Course in Women’s Studies; P.G. Diploma in Women’s Studies; researcher and faculty members. The interactive session was started with the brief introduction of Feminism. After introduction the session discussed upon Dalit Feminism. There is a wide gap between Dalit women and upper caste-class women on economic, social and educational levels. Along with caste based atrocities they are constantly under the threat of violence; inside homes they have to tolerate the physical violence and other atrocities of their own men. Despite these oppressions, dalit women also hold certain agency and are the major providers of their families. Gopal Guru’s article “Dalit Women Talk differently” and Sharmila Rege’s ‘Dalit Feminist Standpoint’ were also discussed. Students, researchers and faculty members actively participated in the discussion.

Screening of Film:

1)“Umbartha”( 19th March 2016): A Marathi film titled “Umbartha”, in English: “Threshold”, focusing on the life of institutionalized women in Maharashtra was screened on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 19th march 2016. Before screening the film Dr. Nina Gogate, a faculty at the School of Language and Literature of this university, talked about various issues regarding the film. Umbartha was released in 1982. It was produced by D. V. Rao and directed by Dr. Jabbar Patel. The film is a story of a woman's struggle to step outside her home and bring change in the society. Smita Patil played the lead protagonist in the film for which she won Marathi Rajya Chitrapat Puraskar for the best actress. The film was adjudged as the Best Feature Film in Marathi at the 29th National Film Awards. The film is based on a Marathi novel "Beghar" (translation: Homeless) by Shanta Nisal.

International Women’s Day:

1) Guest lecture series organised on the occasion of International Women Days on ‘Women Empowerment : Myth or Reality ’and ‘Gotual Culture among the Adivasis and Women ’ (8th March 2017)

To celebrate the International Women’s Day Women’s Studies Centre, S.R.T.M. University had organized Guest Lecture on 8th March 2017. The centre invited Rajshree Patil, a Social Worker, from Nanded as chief guest. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of this University, Pandit Vidyasagar inaugurated the function. Rajshree Patil talked on the topic ‘Women Empowerment: Myth or Reality’. She mentioned that the subject of empowerment of women has become a major issue across the world including India over past few decades. Many agencies of United Nations in their reports have emphasized that gender issue is to be given utmost priority. Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have also been age-old issues all over the world. The centre had also invited Dr. V. S. Anmulwad, Assistant Professor, S.R.T.M. University, as Guest Lecture to talk on, ‘Gotul Culture among the Adivasis and Women’. A Gotul is a spacious tribal hut surrounded by earthen or wooden walls. It is an integral part of Gond and Muria tribal life in regions of Chhattisgarh and the neighboring areas in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh in India. It is an independent and autonomous place for youths. The gotul is central to social and religious life in Gond society.

2) Programmes on International Women’s Day (7th, 8th, 9th and 10th March 2018)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Women’s Studies Centre, School of Social Sciences and School of Language and Literature jointly conducted a Special lecture on 8 th March 2018. Dr. Vrushali KinhalKar, renowned Gynaecologist from Nanded had delivered the special lecture on the topic ‘Women and Health and Ms. Kusum Alam, Tribal Poet and Activist, Gadchiroli had delivered her lecture on Tribal Women. Apart from this, Women’s Studies Centre, SRTMU conducted various Programmes on 7th, 9th and 10th March 2018. On 7/3/18 Dr. Rajendra Gonarkar, from School of Media Studies, this university highlighted the women’s issues on Cinema and Women by showing different film clippings. On 09/3/18 a Round Table was organized on the topic of Women in Education: Different Perspectives. Women Employees of SRTMUN were invited for the Round Table. On 10/3/18 Dr.Adinath Ingole & Medha Gaolkar, Social Activist, Purna given their presentation on Stree: Chamatkar aani Vaidnyanik Drustikone by doing many scientific experiments. Participants were fully engrossed with their Presentation.

3)Guest lecture on ‘Jagtic Mahila Diwas Aani Stree Prashna ’ on occasion of International Women’s Day (8th March 2019):

To celebrate the International Women’s Day Women’s Studies Centre, S.R.T.M. University had organized Guest Lecture on 8th March 2019. The centre invited Advocate and Social Worker, Nisha Shiurkar from Sangamner, Nashik, as Guest Speaker. The President of this Programme Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of this University, Prof. Uddhav Bhosle inaugurated the function. Nisha Shiurkar elaborated on the topic “Jagtik Mahila Diwas Aani Stree Prashna” She started her lecture from history of Feminist Movement and touched upon various issues such as, legal rights of women, Caste and Women. She also talked on the problems of Separated women of India. The Registrar, of this University also present for this Programme. Teaching, Non Teaching Staff and Students from different faculties were the Participants of the programme. The speaker received a large number of questions from the audience leading to lengthy conversation on the above issues.

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