Vision, Mission and Objectives
Women’s Studies Centre aims to promote Gender Equality through teaching,research, extension activities, publication and documentation focussing on different strata of the society especially from Marathwada Region and try to create a more gender just society.
The Centre has adopted interdisciplinary academic approach which has addressed the concept of gender, construction of gender in society, gender identity, gender representation gender and development issues.The Centre aims to organise different programmes related to gender sensitization, gender development and women’s empowerment .Keeping in mind that the gender sensitization create the necessary base for balanced perspective on social structure, the centre intends to initiate and implement appropriate teaching course, curriculum development, research and extension activities. Apart from introducing academic programmes it will also be involved in micro–level field studies and awareness generation programmes.
  • Undertake research on developmental aspects of gender in general and marginalized women in particular in Marathwada which is considered as the backward region of Maharashtra State with feudal and patriarchal structures being more prominent than other parts.
  • Beside of two Courses, the Centre will started different academic courses in Women’s Studies.
  • Embark upon research, training and teaching for production and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Initiation of community outreach extension program for generating awareness and inducement of knowledge.
  • Offer short term certificate and diploma course for development of professionals’ growth and man power in the field of Women’s Studies.
  • Organize Workshop, Seminar, Visiting/ Guest lecture for generating and dissemination of innovative knowledge in the specific field of Women’s Studies
  • Documenting women experiences in everyday life and problems faced by them in the specific regional context and evolve mechanism of improving their livelihood system and living standard.

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