Message from the Director of the School

I am happy to welcome you at the School of Management Sciences, SRTMU Nanded, Sub Center Latur, the premier center for management education in the region of Marathwada. The School of Management Sciences, which was established in 2007, aims to impart knowledge of the concepts of management and create tomorrows business leaders and managers, situated in the city of Latur, the city which is reputed all over India for its quality education. As our Hon. Vice Chancellor says ‘The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning and also enhance the quality and teaching learning process’ and for that purpose the curriculum is designed in CGPA system. We at the center use innovative methods for teaching-learning, such as Seminar, Case study, Group Discussion, Tutorial, Class participation, Mini Projects, Group Exercise, Library Exercise to create blend of innovation, perfection, and creativity in the student. The students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities like sports and cultural activities so that they develop an all-round personality. Mandatory industry visits and working on Live industrial projects as well as In plant training, give the students the much needed industry exposure, as well as On the job practical knowledge.

As we celebrate a decade of our existence, “Excellence and Values” are our guiding principles which are reflected in every activity of the School of Management Sciences. Students are always encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in their personality so that they spot opportunities, mobilize resources and develop innovative solutions to the critical problems of today.

As a prospective managers and entrepreneurs, you are welcome to explore options that may be available to you in our various academic programs and please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

If you represent a business organization and are seeking any information on our students, our activities, etc., you are welcome to contact us and we will be too happy to explore initiatives of mutual interest.

As a parent of a student, we assure you of a very enriching and fruitful time that your ward will be spending with us.

Looking forward to welcome you to the School of Management Sciences, SRTMU Nanded, Sub Center Latur.

Prof. Rajesh Shinde

Profile of the School

The School of Management Sciences started in year 2007 for nurturing the talent pool in Marathwada region, especially of rural youth. It is a programme designed to prepare candidates to take up managerial positions in technology oriented global enterprises. The curriculum provides both the technical skills and business acumen to succeed in today's constantly changing digital world. Providing quality management education to students and helping them secure a rewarding position in the corporate world are the foremost objectives of this school. We are geared towards creating platform of opportunities that help students in realizing their ambitions. The passion for imparting quality management education has produced hard working, efficient industry ready professionals and great team players. The Institute aims at to provide equal opportunities in higher education to students, and prepare them to make a meaningful contribution in an increasingly complex global society.

  • Year of Establishment:- 2007
  • Type of Courses- Autonomous CGPA pattern with CBCS System
  • Approved by- Govt. Of Maharashtra and AICTE, New Delhi (Permanent ID 1-490747501)
  • Admissions are through Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State

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