M.Sc. Zoology

M.Sc. Zoology course was started in 2010 in the School of Life Sciences. The intake capacity of this course is 20 students per year. This course was started with an intension that for the students who pass the B. Sc. Course as one of the optional subject and willing to continue their education in the subject Zoology as PG course. The meritorious students have an opportunity to study this subject in the University campus with minimum, essential fees as decided by SRTM Univ. Nanded. Some of the important objectives of this course are:

To generate the human resource in the form of learned students and researchers in the subject zoology.

To make aware the students about local, National and Global Faunal and floral biodiversity, the dynamics in biodiversity and its reasons, to conserve it for sustainable utilization.

To introduce the students about use of animal resource for entrepreneurship development and to generate employment.

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