About the School

MBA programme commenced from 1973 in the sub-centre of Marathwada University, Aurangabad. The department was then nurtured as Campus School of Commerce and Management sciences of SRTM University, Nanded from 1994 onwards. Our School offers several programmes such as Master of Commerce and Master of Business Administration in the form of teaching-learning evaluation process under the School’s academic autonomy. The School of Commerce and Management sciences offers programmes with up-to-date courses with the specializations in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. Furthermore, the School offers M. Phil, Ph. D programs (Commerce and Management Studies) to produce effective leaders and corporate managers who understand the challenges of a competitive and increasingly complex global business environment and develop creative strategies for the growth of their organizations.

The success behind our academic programmes is driven by the our highly qualified Faculty staff (11 Full Time Faculty with Doctorates Degree) with industrial & academic experience, a Full Time Training & Placement Officer (TPO) and the support given by the top management of the university. We believe that education should not be confined to acquiring qualification, but to help students inculcate values, think critically, and communicate effectively which will be beneficial to the society at large. I welcome the new students to our school, the different stakeholders for their valuable ideas & expertise as we value your trust in us and I am sure that your contribution will make this school the best.


School of Commerce & Management Sciences

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